1969 Chevelle Engine ID Codes - Engine Pad

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The engine identification code consists of the engine assembly plant, the engine assembly date, and a 2 or 3 letter suffix indicating the cubic inch displacement, the horsepower rating, and generally, what type of transmission was to be installed with the engine. Manual transmissions required a bushing in the rear of the bellhousing where an automatic transmission did not. Many engine "accessories" such as the carburetor, distributor, and exhaust manifolds were not installed at the engine assembly plant but rather at the final assembly plant.

During the 1969 model year, the 396-cubic inch engine was increased in size to 402 cubic inches by means of a .030 increase in cylinder bore size. It is believed this was done due to less restrictive emission standards on engines 400 cubic inches and larger. It's believed these new 402cid engines can be identified in 1969 by the three letter suffix code and, to date, only one example has turned up.







AD 230-1 140 TH-350  
AM 230-1 140 Manual-3/4  
AN 230-1 140 Powerglide  
AO 230-1 140 TH-350  
AP 230-1 140 Standard A.C.
AQ 230-1 140 Powerglide A.C.
AR 230-1 140 TH-350 A.C.
250 ↓        
BB 250-1 155-L22 Powerglide
Torque Drive
BC 250-1 155-L22 Powerglide A.C.
BD 250-1 155-L22 TH-350  
BE 250-1 155-L22 Manual-3  
BF 250-1 155-L22 Standard A.C.
BH 250-1 155-L22 TH-350 A.C.
307 ↓        
DA 307-2 200 Manual-3/4  
DC 307-2 200 Powerglide  
DD 307-2 200 TH-350  
DE 307-2 200 Manual-4  
350 ↓        
HA 350-4 300-L48 Manual-3/4  
HB 350-4 300-L48 TH-350  
HC 350-2 250-L65 Standard  
HD 350-2 250-L65 TH-350  
HE 350-4 300-L48 Powerglide  
HF 350-2 250-L65 Powerglide  
HP 350-4 300-L48 Standard Heavy Duty Clutch
HQ 350-4 255-LM1 Manual-3/4  
HR 350-4 255-LM1 Powerglide  
HS 350-4 255-LM1 TH-350  
396 ↓        
JA 396-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4  
JC 396-4 350-L34 Standard  
JD 396-4 375-L78 Standard  
JE 396-4 350-L34 TH-400  
JK 396-4 325-L35 TH-400  
JV 396-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
KB 396-4 350-L34 Manual-3/4 Heavy Duty Clutch
KD 396-4 375-L78 Standard Heavy Duty Clutch
KF 396-4 375-L78 TH-400  
KH 396-4 375-L78 (w/L89) TH-400 Aluminum Heads
KI 396-4 375-L78 (w/L89) Manual-3/4 Aluminum Heads
402 ↓        
CJA 402-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4 A.I.R.
CJC 402-4 350-L34 Standard A.I.R.
CJD 402-4 375-L78 Standard A.I.R.
CJE 402-4 350-L34 TH-400 A.I.R.
CJK 402-4 325-L35 TH-400 C.C.S.
CJV 402-4 325-L35 Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Heavy Duty Clutch
CKB 402-4 350-L34 Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Heavy Duty Clutch
CKD 402-4 375-L78 Standard A.I.R./Heavy Duty Clutch
CKF 402-4 375-L78 TH-400 A.I.R.
CKG 402-4 375-L78 (w/L89) Standard A.I.R./Aluminum Heads
CKH 402-4 375-L78 (w/L89) TH-400 A.I.R./Aluminum Heads
CKI 402-4 375-L78 (w/L89) Manual-3/4 A.I.R./Heavy Duty Clutch,
Aluminum Heads **
427 ↓        
MP 427-4 425-L72 TH-400 COPO
MQ 427-4 425-L72 Manual-4 COPO

To date only one legitimate 3-letter suffix code in a 1969 Chevelle SS396 has turned up.

A total of 54,851 6-cyl engines were installed; 25,919 230cid and 29,932 250cid engines.
A total of 448,501 8-cyl engines were installed; 245,488 307cid, 116,383 327cid, and 86,630 396cid engines. This figure does not include the 323 427cid COPO engines. Since the 427cid COPO Chevelles were NOT built as SS396 optioned Chevelles, the 323 number would, logically, be subtracted from the base 307cid engine totals.

The L35 engine was also available in non-SS396 optioned Chevelles as a special ' police package ' that also required power disc brakes. It's believed that 323 non-SS396 optioned Chevelles were built accounting for the discrepancy in the 396 engine vs. SS386 equipment production numbers. All L35 and L78 engines came standard with A.I.R.

# Vintage Vehicle Services documentation indicate:
Of 2,673 13427 & 13437 300 Deluxe coupes & sport coupes built for sale in Canada; 36 were built with the L35 engine.
Of 787 13667 Malibu convertibles build for sale in Canada; 726 were built with the L35 engine.
Of 9,612 13637 Malibu sport coupes built for sale in Canada; 294 were built with the L34 engine and 427 were built with the L35 engine.
Of 10,828 13637 Malibu sport coupes built for sale in the U.S. 1,598 with L35 engine.
Of 10,828 13637 Malibu sport coupes built for sale in the U.S. 769 were built with the L34 engine.

201 Malibu sport coupes were (built in the U.S.) 'exported' for sale in Canada.

The engine assembly date and ID suffix code is always stamped on the engine pad except for Atlanta and Kansas City 396 engines as shown here. The partial VIN stamping location differs depending on the engine and plant. Listed in the matrix below are locations reported for the various plants and engines. If you have a partial VIN stamped in another location, please go to this page to fill out the research form and let me know.

Plant Engine Pad Oil Filter Bellhousing Flange
Atlanta * Yes Yes  
Baltimore Yes    
Framingham Yes    
Fremont Yes    
Kansas City * Yes Yes  
Oshawa Yes    

* Only 396 engines found to have partial VIN stamped by oil filter, all small-block engines are on the engine pad. To date, all L6 engines were stamped on a pad by the distributor.
** Tonawanda does not show this engine in their production reports but information presented here is from Alan L. Colvin's "...by the numbers..." reference book.
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