Oshawa, Ontario GM of Canada/Vintage Vehicle Services Documentation

GM of Canada Chevelles did not have a 'build sheet' as we have come to know them in U.S. Chevelles but rather a Line Schedule Tag with the vehicle's information on it.

Here we can see:
Job Number 166
Style 13637 Malibu sport coupe
Paint 522B for Garnet Red with black vinyl top
Interior 756 for black bucket seats
VIN sequence 457xxx
Various options ordered (note C08 vinyl top is not listed here)

Note this very early SS396 VIN sequence begins with 10xxxx instead of 30xxxx and there is no B79 RPO code.

Note this Chevelle was built in Baltimore, Maryland

Note this Malibu sport coupe was built for sale in Canada and VIN sequence begins with 100xxx instead of 300xxx.

These documented, Oshawa-built 1969 Malibus are optioned with RPO Z25 but have M A L I B U script on the rear quarters unlike those built for sale in the U.S.  Several early Canadian-built Malibus with the Z25 option have been found with
M A L I B U script on the quarter panels.