Chevelle RPO by Year - A thru M  N thru Z

* RPO codes are as of released by Chevrolet for U.S. Chevelles (except where noted).
* Not all Regular Production Options (RPO) were available for all years from 1964 through 1972.
* Some RPO codes were for internal accounting and not a 'check box' option such as B22, C56, YF8, etc.
* Some options may have been available on both Chevelles and Monte Carlos from 1970 through 1972, some may have been available on one or the other.
* Certain options were only available on certain models such as station wagon, sedan pickup, convertible, SS396, etc. and not available on all models in a given year.
* The Description (verbiage) may change wording from year to year and even plant to plant.
* Some RPO items may not be listed for a certain year since Chevrolet considered them standard equipment within another RPO package. For example, the L34 engine is not listed for 1970 because it was the base engine with the Z25 SS Equipment option and, hence, not an option in and of itself. Dual exhaust (RPO N10) is another example; while it came standard with the RPO Z25 SS 454 option, it's not listed as a separate option for Chevelles in GM's report for 1971 or 1972.

Please check the individual years for additional clarification on any RPO items.

RPO DescriptionRPO Availability by Model Year
AK1Seat Belts & Front Shoulder Harness - Deluxe      xxx
AL5Rear Center Seat Belt - Deluxe   x     
AQ2Electric Seat Back Lock Release      xx 
AR1Less Head Restraint     x   
AS1Shoulder Harness - Standard   xxx   
AS4 Rear Seat Shoulder Harness - Deluxe    xxxx 
AS5Rear Seat Shoulder Harness - Standard    xx   
AU3 Electric Door Locks      xxx
AV3***3 Point Belt System        x
A01Tinted Glass - All Windowsxxxxxxxxx
A02Tinted Glass - Windshieldxxxxxxxxx
A20Seat Beltsx        
A31Windows - Electric Controlxxxxxxxxx
A33Tail Gate Window - Electricxxxxxxxxx
A37Seat Belt Equipmentx        
A39Custom Deluxe Seat Belts, Front & Rear  xxxxxxx
A41Front Seat Electric Control - 4 Wayxxxx  xxx
A46Front Seat Electric Control - 4 Way Bucket (Driver side) xx   xxx
A47Custom Deluxe Rear Seat Belts x       
A48*Seat Belt Delete   x     
A49Custom Deluxe Seat Beltsxxxx     
A51Strato-Bucket Seats  xxxxxxx
A52Bench Seat        x
A62Less Seat Belts x       
A64Custom Rear Seat Belts x       
A66Divided Second Seatxx       
A68Rear Center Seat Belt - Standard   x     
A81Head Restraint - Bucket Seat  xx     
A82Head Restraint - Bench Seat  xx     
A85Deluxe Shoulder Harness  xxxxxxx
A90 Rear Compartment Lid Release - Electric Control      xx 
A93Vacuum Operated Door Locks     x   
BW1***Delete RR Mldg (found on YF3 Heavy Chevy)       xx
BX4Body Side Molding     x   
B01Police Car Body Equipmentxx       
B02Taxicab Equipmentxx       
B22**Door Inner Panel Molding SS (396 only in 1970)      xxx
B37 Floor Mats   xxxxxx
B42**Luggage Compartment Mat        x
B55Deluxe Front Seat Cushion   xx    
B70Instrument Panel Padxx       
B79**Exterior ornamentation rear end     xx  
B80***Roof Drip Molding     xxxx
B84Body Side Molding Equipment, not available with Heavy Chevy    x   x
B85 Belt Reveal Molding      xxx
B90 Door Window Frame Molding  xxxxxxx
B93 Door Edge Guards   xxxxxx
B94***External Ornamentation SS Tailgate       xx
B95**Rear Panel Molding     x   
B96***Wheel Opening Molding      xxx
BW1 Delete Rear Ornamentation (13437)       xx
CD2 Windshield Washer Fluid Level      x  
CD3 Electro Tip Windshield Wiper      x  
CE1Headlamp Washer     x   
CO1***Body Emblem Var 2 (Monte Carlo)        x
C05Folding Topx      xx
C06 Electric Control Folding Topxxxxxxx x
C08 Exterior Soft Trim Roof Cover xxxxxxxx
C14Two-Speed Windshield Wiper & Washerx        
C14**Two-Speed Windshield Wiper & Washer
(1965 Fremont SS)
C24***Special Windshield Wiper    xx  x
C48Less Heater Equipmentxxxx     
C50 Rear Window Defroster xxxxxxxx
C51 Rear Window Deflector xxxxxxxx
C56**Instrument Panel Vent/Upper Level Vent      xxx
C60 Air Conditioning - Deluxexxxxxxxxx
C65Air Conditioning - Custom Deluxex        
D31**Non Glare Mirror (1965 Fremont SS) x       
D31 ******Inside tile rear view mirror (1966 Oshawa)  x      
D32**Rear View Mirror
(1965 Fremont SS)
D33Outside Mirror - Remote Control   xxxxxx
D34 Vanity Visor Mirror     xxxx
D35*****Custom LH Remote & RH Manual Rear View Mirror       xx
D55 Front Compartment Console  xxxxxxx
D88 Sport Stripes     xxxx
D96Wide Paint Stripe - Side   xx    
D99Two-tone Paint (seen on build sheets [x] and 1965-1970 Oshawa trim tags [*]) *****x*xx
FR1*Computer selected front springs      x  
FR2*Computer selected front springs      x  
F40 Special Front and Rear Suspensionxxxxxxxxx
F41Special Performance Front and Rear Suspension     xxxx
F60Heavy Duty Front Spring Equipment x       
F62Front Springs     x   
GS1**Rear Axle - 2.73 Ratio        x
GT1Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio    xx   
GW2**Rear Axle - 2.56 Ratio      x  
GW5**Rear Axle - 2.73 Ratio (Includes Canada)      x x
GW8***Rear Axle - 4.10 Ratio      x  
GY2**Rear Axle - 3.31 Ratio      x x
G32* **Computer selected rear springs     xx  
G33* **Computer selected rear springs     xx  
G34* **Computer selected rear springs     xx  
G37* **Computer selected rear springs     xx  
G66Air Booster Rear Shock Absorberxxxxx    
G67 Rear Shock Absorber Level Control x    xxx
G75Rear Axle - 3.70:1 Ratio xx x    
G76Rear Axle - 3.36:1 Ratioxxxxxx   
G80 Rear Axle - Positractionxxxxxxxxx
G82Rear Axle - 4.56:1 Ratio     x   
G84Rear Axle - 4.10:1 Ratio     x   
G92Rear Axle - 3.08:1 Ratio   xxx x 
G94Rear Axle - 3.31:1 Ratio  xxxx   
G96Rear Axle - 3.55:1 Ratio  xxxx   
G97Rear Axle - 2.73:1 Ratio   xxx   
H01Rear Axle - 3.07:1 Ratio  xxxx   
H05Rear Axle - 3.73:1 Ratio xxxxx x*** 
JL2Front Disc Brakes      xxx
J50Vacuum Power Brake Equipmentxxxxxxxxx
J52Front Disc Brakes   xxx   
J65Metallic Brake Facingxxxx     
KD5Heavy Duty Closed Positive Ventilation    xx   
K02Fan Drive Equipmentxxxxxx   
K05 Engine Block Heater    xxx  
K19Air Injection Reactor Equipment  xx     
K19* ***Air Injection Reactor Equipment        x
K24Closed Engine Positive Vent Type Bxxxx     
K30 Speed and Cruise Control   xx x x
K66Transistor Ignition Equipment xx      
K76A/C Generator - 61 amp  xxx    
K77A/C Generator - 55 ampxx       
K79A/C Generator - 42 ampxxxxxx   
K81A/C Generator - 62 ampxxx      
K85 A/C Generator - 63 amp     xx x
LD8Engine Emission Chart        x
LF6 Engine - V8, 400 Cu. In., 2-bbl carburetor      x  
LS3 Engine - V8, 400 Cu. In., 4-bbl carburetor      xxx
LS5****Engine - V8, 454 Cu. In. Hi Performance       xx
LS6Engine - V8, 454 Cu. In. Special Hi Performance      xx 
L14****Engine - V8, 307 Cu. In.       xx
L22Engine - L6, 250 Cu. In.   xxx   
L26Engine - L6, 230 Cu. In. xx      
L30Engine - V8, 327 Cu. In.xxxxx    
L34****Engine - V8, 396 Cu. In. Hi Performance  xxxx   
L35Engine - V8, 396 Cu. In. (13x80 only)  xx     
L48 Engine - V8, 350 Cu. In., 4-bbl carburetor     xxxx
L61Engine - L6, 230 Cu. In. Hi. Perf.x        
L65Engine - V8, 350 Cu. In., 2-bbl carburetor     xxxx
L73Engine - V8, 327 Cu. In., 4-bbl carburetor regular fuel    x    
L74Engine - V8, 327 Cu. In., Hi. Perf.xx       
L77Engine - V8, 283 Cu. In., 4-bbl carburetorx x      
L78Engine - V8, 396 Cu. In. Special Hi. Perf.  xxxxx  
L79Engine - V8, 350 Cu. In. Special Hi. Perf. x xx    
L89Aluminum Cylinder Heads     xx  
MC1Heavy Duty 3-speed Transmission     x xx
M01Heavy Duty Clutchxxxxx    
M10Overdrive Transmissionxxxxx    
M11Floor Shift Transmission       xx
M13Heavy Duty 3-speed Transmission  xxx    
M20 4-Speed Transmissionxxxxxxxxx
M214-Speed Transmission - Close Ratio  xxxxx  
M224-Speed Transmission - Heavy Duty  x xxxxx
M35 Powerglide Transmissionxxxxxxxxx
M38 Three Speed Automatic Transmission, TH350     xxxx
M40 Three Speed Automatic Transmission, TH400xxxxxx
M55Transmission Oil Cooler Equipment xx      

* GM of Canada or Export
** Shown on 1970 built sheets from Baltimore and Kansas City El Camino but not a 'check box' option - found on 1969 Canada trim tags with Z25 as well as GM of Canada documentation for 1969 Chevelles built for U.S. sale. Reportedly found on Canadian Chevelles Line Tag built in 1970 but no examples have been provided so it can't be verified yet.
*** Found on documentation but not in reports. In 1972, no AV3 options were reportedly sold yet it appears on some (but not all) build sheets beginning in mid January 1972)
**** L34 & LS5 were base engines in 1970 with Z25 & Z15 options respectively and as such, were not reported as options. L14 was base V8 engine and shown on build sheet in 1971 and 1972 but not in 1970 and is not reported as an option.
***** Shown in Tailfins & Bowties for Camaro but RPO appears on 1971 & 1972 Chevelle build sheets.
****** Shown on 1966 Canadian Chevelle for export

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