Chevelle RPO by Year - A thru M - N thru Z

* RPO codes are as of released by Chevrolet for U.S. Chevelles except where noted.
* The year columns with 'x' for each RPO are known to exist for that year and may or may not have been used in other years.
* Not all Regular Production Options (RPO) were available for all years from 1964 through 1972.
* Some RPO codes were for internal accounting and not a 'check box' option such as B22, C56, YF8, etc.
* Some options may have been available on both Chevelles and Monte Carlos from 1970 through 1972, some may have been available on one or the other.
* Certain options were only available on certain models such as station wagon, sedan pickup, convertible, SS396, etc. and not available on all models in a given year.
* The Description (verbiage) may change wording from year to year and even plant to plant.
* Some RPO items may not be listed for a certain year since Chevrolet considered them standard equipment within another RPO package. For example, the L34 engine is not listed for 1970 because it was the base engine with the Z25 SS Equipment option and, hence, not an option in and of itself. Dual exhaust (RPO N10) is another example; while it came standard with the RPO Z25 SS 454 option, it's not listed as a separate option for Chevelles in GM's report for 1971 or 1972.

Please check the individual years for additional clarification on any RPO items.

RPO DescriptionRPO Availability by Model Year
NA9 Evaporative Emission Control      x  
NB2Exhaust Emissions
(seen on 72 small-block V8s generally from Van Nuys but also seen on one KC L48 4-speed)
NC8Chambered Pipe Exhaust System     x   
NK1 Steering Wheel - Cushioned Rim      x  
NK2Deluxe Steering Wheel       xx
NK4Sport Steering Wheel (4-spoke)       xx
N10 Dual Exhaust Equipment xxxxxxx***x***
N30Deluxe Steering Wheel   xx    
N33 Steering Wheel - Tilt Typexxxxxxxxx
N34Steering Wheel - Wood Grained Plasticxxxxxx   
N40 Power Steeringxxxxxxxxx
N95Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Cover    xx   
N96Simulated Magnesium Wheel Trim Cover, Type A  xxxx   
PA2Simulated Magnesium Wheel Trim Cover, Type B    xx   
PA3 Special Wheel Trim Cover      xxx
PK2 G70-14B G/B White Stripe        x
PK2G78-14B G/B White Stripe     xxx 
PK4G70-14 Red Stripe     x   
PK6***F78-14B B/B White Stripe        x
PL2***E78-14 B/B Blackwall       xx
PL3E78-14B B/B White Stripe     xxxx
PL4F70-14B G/B White Letter      x  
PL5F70-14 White Letter     x   
PM6G78-14D G/B White Stripe      xxx
PM7F60-15B G/B White Letter       xx
PN57.75-14 Whitewall    xx   
PQ78.25-14 Whitewall    xx   
PR38.25-14 Whitewall    xx   
PU8 G78-15B G/B White Stripe      xxx
PW7F70-14-4 White Stripe   xxx   
PW8F70-14-4 Red Stripe   xxx   
PX5***F78-14 B/B Blackwall       xx
PX6F78-14B B/B White Stripe     xxxx
PX8F78-14 Whitewall     x   
PX8***G70-14 White Stripe      x  
PX9G70-14 White Stripe    xx   
PY4F70-14 B/B White Stripe     x   
PY4F70-14-B G/B White Stripe      xx 
PY5F70-14 B/B Red Stripe     x   
PY5F70-14-B G/B Red Stripe      x  
PY7G70-14 B/B Red Stripe     x   
PY7G70-14-B G/B Red Stripe      x  
P01Wheel Trim Coverxxxxxxxxx
P02 Simulated Wire Wheel Trim Coverxxxx     
P02Deluxe Wheel Trim Cover      xxx
P06Wheel Trim Ring      xxx
P19Spare Wheel Lock Equipment xx      
P587.00-14-4 Whitewallx        
P587.35-14-4 Whitewall xxxxx   
P617.50-14-4 Nylon Whitewallx        
P617.75-14-4 Nylon Whitewall xxx     
P627.50-14-4 Whitewallx        
P627.75-14-4 Whitewall xxxxx   
P657.50-14-4 Blackwallx        
P657.75-14-4 Blackwall xxxxx   
(1967 Fremont El Camino)
P676.95-14-4 Whitewall xxx     
P778.25-14 Whitewall    xx   
P90G70-14B G/B White Stripe (Std on 72 Monte Carlo)      xxx
P91 G70-14B G/B Red Stripe      x  
SP1* **unknown        x
T077.75-14-4 Nylon Whitewall  x      
T157.75-14-8 Whitewall   x     
T247.75-14-4 Whitewall   x     
T58 Rear Wheel Opening Skirt      xxx
T60 Heavy Duty Batteryxxxxxxxxx
T86***Backup Lamps
(1965 Fremont SS - Canada 13267)
T93**Deluxe Tail Lights
(1969 Framingham)
UF1Map Light     x   
UM1 AM Push Button Radio & Tape Player      xxx
UM2 AM/FM Push Button Radio & Tape Player      xxx
U03Low Horn xxxx    
U05Dual Horn     x   
U14Instrument Panel Gauges  xxxxxxx
U15Speed Warning Indicator   xxx   
U18*****Speedo I/P (export) kilo  x      
U25Luggage Compartment Lamp   xxx xx
U26Underhood Lamp   xxx x 
U27Glove Compartment Lamp   xxx   
U28Ashtray Lamp   xxxx  
U29Instrument Panel Courtesy Lights   xxxx  
U35Electric Clock   xxxxxx
U46 Lamp Monitoring   xxxx  
U57Tape Player   xxx   
U60Radio - Manualxx       
U63 Radio - Push Buttonxxxxxxxxx
U69 Radio - AM/FM Push Button xxxxxxxx
U73Manual Rear Antenna xxxxx   
U75Power Rear Antenna  x      
U76 Windshield Antenna   x  xxx
U79 AM/FM Stereo Equipment    xxxxx
U80 Auxiliary Rear Speaker xx xxxxx
VJ9Exhaust Emissions Label (seen on several 71 & 72 Van Nuys but not all)       xx
V01 Heavy Duty Radiatorxxxxxxxxx
V30Front & Rear Bumper Guards
(Front only El Camino 1971)
V31 Front Bumper Guardxxxxxxx  
V32Rear Bumper Guardxxxxxxx  
V48Extra Antifreeze      x  
V55Roof Luggage Carrierxxxxxxxxx
V74Hazard Warning Switch Equipment  x      
V75Traction Compound & Dispenser     x   
V78*Delete Cer Plt
YD1 Axle For Trailering      xxx
YE5**Demonstrator       x 
YF3Heavy Chevy Package       xx
YF4**Sales Promotion       x 
YF5California Assembly Line Emission Test        x
YF8Black stripes (D88 color only)        x
VJ9**Exhaust Emissions Label       xx
W84* **Additional Fuel For Delivery        x
W89*****Touch-up paint   x     
X14*****Export preparation - coating   x     
X17*****Underbody oil spray   x     
ZJ6Special Sport Sedan    xx   
ZJ7 Special Wheel, Hub Cap & Trim Ring    xxxxx
ZJ9 Auxiliary Lighting Group (contents depends on year and body style)    xxxxx
ZK1Insulation Package (Monte Carlo only?)        x
ZK3Deluxe Seat Belts & Front Seat Shoulder Harness    xx   
ZK5Concours Sedan    x    
ZK6Concours Sport Sedan    x    
ZK7Concours Sport Coupe    x    
ZK8 **Tire Pressure Chart (1971 Arlington only)      xX 
ZL2Special Ducted Hood Air System      xxx
ZL3 **SS 396 Conversion     xx  
ZO2Three Tone Paint        x
ZO3Monte Carlo Custom        x
ZP1**COPO Tires     x   
ZP2*****Trim & Paint Override
This was used when a car had an exterior/interior color combination that was not normally used.
ZP3 **Special Paint  xxxxxxx
ZP5 ****Appearance Guard Group      xxx
ZQ1****Decor Group      x  
ZQ2 ****Operating Convenience  Group      xxx
ZQ7 *Canada Warranty Book     x   
ZQ9Rear Axle - Performance Ratio      xxx
ZR8White Stripe       xx
ZW4 **Standard Transmission       xx
ZX1 *Export Procedure #1
(1970 Baltimore El Camino Export)
ZX2 *Export Procedure #2
(1969 Fremont El Camino)
ZY6 *Taxable Status
(1969 Fremont El Camino
1971 Baltimore Malibu Sport Coupe)
     x x 
Z01Comfort & Convenience Equipmentxx       
Z02Push-Button Radio & Auxiliary Speakerx        
Z04Heavy Duty Chassis Equipment x       
Z08Body Molding & Trim x       
Z13Comfort & Convenience Type B x       
Z14A/C Body Conversion       xx
Z15SS 454       x  
Z15SS Equipment       xx
Z16Special Sport Coupe & Convertible Equipment x       
Z19Convenience Group  x      
Z20 Monte Carlo SS      xx 
Z20**Engine Conversion
(1967 Fremont El Camino)
Z25Super Sport
(oddly 1970 most build sheets list ZL3 instead of Z25)
Z29Vinyl Stripe *******   x     
Z35300 Deluxe trim option - Canada only on 13437 Chevelle       xx
Z49* **Mandatory Canadian Base Equipment Modifications        x
Z83Road Hazard Package  x      
703Trim - Vinyl Coated       xx
705Trim - Vinyl Coated       x 
714Trim - Vinyl Coated       x 
720Trim - Vinyl Coated  x      
721Trim - Vinyl Coated       xx
724Trim - Bucket Seats x       
726Trim - Vinyl Coated       x 
731Trim - Vinyl Coated       xx
759Trim - Vinyl Coated x       
761Trim - Vinyl Coated   x     
761Black Vinyl  x      
780Trim - Deluxe Cloth    x    
793Trim - Vinyl Coatedx
794Trim - Deluxe Cloth   x     
795Trim - Vinyl Coated      x  
796Trim - Vinyl Coated     x   
950Color Combination Two Tone xxxx    
956Color Combination Two Tone       xx
959Color Combination Two Tone     x   
960Color Combination Two Tone       x 
961-7Color Combination Two Tone      x  
968Color Combination Two Tone       x 
969Color Combination Two Tone       x 
971Color Combination Two Tone       x 
977Color Combination Two Tone       x 

* Seen on 1970 Baltimore El Camino export and 1969 Malibu sport coupe export
** Shown on documentation but not a 'check box' option. Special Paint is known to have been available as early as 1966 as indicated by several early model year trim tags on this site. It may have been available as early as 1964. All Special Order paints had to be ordered through the Fleet & Special Order process. When talking about paint, generally this was used for fleet orders such as state vehicles or large company orders that wanted their cars painted a special color. This little known or advertised bonus was used by savvy buyers to get their Chevelles in another color. Generally any color that was available from any paint supplier that was available could be ordered.
*** Found in documentation and Canadian trim tag but not in options sold report
**** ZP5 & ZQ2 as a listed RPO in Chevrolet documents are shown only in 1971 & 1972. However, 1970 Kansas City build sheets show the same individual options and Kansas City shows ZP5 & ZQ2 as well where other plants do not. These (and a few others) are not reported by Chevrolet in their annual report as group options in 1970 however.

This 1970 KC build sheet clearly shows RPO ZQ2 as well as the two individual options included in the group.
***** It is not known what years this code is limited to.
****** Found on GM of Canada documentation.
******* Debate whether this was an option per sé or standard on all 1967 SS396 Chevelles.

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