1968 Chevelle Exterior Paint Codes - (Canada Chart)

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It should be noted up front that there are no known numbers for any particular color whether it be a solid color or two tone. There are also no known numbers for the different colors of convertible or vinyl tops. So just how many red Chevelles (or any other color) were built is not known and cannot even be calculated.


  A ~ Tuxedo Black - El Camino
88 A-946 9300
  C ~ Ermine White - El Camino
4024-L A-1199 8259
  D ~ Grotto Blue - El Camino
Medium Blue
4892-L A-1985 13512
  E ~ Fathom Blue - El Camino
Dark Blue
4899-L A-1992 13513
  F ~ Island Teal - El Camino
Medium Teal
4904-L A-1994 610 13514
  G ~ Ash Gold - El Camino
Ivory Gold
4896-L A-1988 22942
  H ~ Grecian Green - El Camino
Medium Green
4902-L A-1995 43775
  K ~ Tripoli Turquoise - El Camino
4900-L A-1993 13517
  L ~ Teal Blue - El Camino
Dark Teal
4893-L A-1986 13516
  N ~ Cordovan Maroon - El Camino
4915-LH A-1999M 50775
  P ~ Seafrost Green - El Camino
Silver Green
4897-L A-1989 43774
  R ~ Matador Red - El Camino
4948-LH A-1997R 71634
  T ~ Palomino Ivory - El Camino
4895-L A-1987 81617
  V ~ Sequoia Green - El Camino
Dark Green
4898-L A-1990 43773
  Y ~ Butternut Yellow - El Camino
4620-L A-1715 81500

Special paint trim tags show a the dash character or the letter "O" on Kansas City tags; Fremont used the dash character as well. Other plants are unknown at this time.

See my GM A-Body Special Paint Information page for more information on special paint colors.

Lower Upper  

DC ~ Grotto Blue / Ermine White

DE ~ Grotto Blue / Fathom Blue

ED ~ Fathom Blue / Grotto Blue

GT ~ Ash Gold / Palomino Ivory

KC ~ Tripoli Turquoise / Ermine White

LF ~ Teal Blue / Island Teal

It should be noted the double-letter codes below are ordering codes. Where applicable on the Fisher Body number plate a single number is used.



1 ~ White (Std. C05AA)

2 ~ Black (RPO C05BB)

4 ~ Blue *



1 or 6 ~ White (Std. C08AA)

2 ~ Black (RPO C08BB)

* Correspondence with a fellow enthusiast in September of 2009 about the Medium Blue convertible top has revealed this interesting tidbit of information.
 - I tracked down Kimmy at Eletrontop in New York, 800-221-4476. I sent her the photos that you sent me and she immediately said without any hesitation, “OH, that is GM medium blue.” She went on to say that this was discontinued 10 years ago. She said that the original Haartz material number was S71358ZDT. This number was replaced many years ago by Haartz #2750045A (this number was discontinued 10 years ago). She was very knowledgeable and quick to be helpful.

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GM of Canada Paint Code Chart

General Motors of Canada, LTD. offered many of the same colors as their U.S. counterpart. Although these colors are listed as 1968 General Motors Passenger Colors - Canadian & U.S. Production on the paint code chart, it's unknown if these additional colors were available on Chevelles as well. Several Canadian colors were identical to U.S. colors, only the sales names were a bit different. If there is a prefix #9 on the Fisher Body Number plate, the color is done in enamel instead of lacquer.

1968 Canadian Color Chart

Color vs. Sales Name

Paint color names often differ from the advertised Sales Name. One example might be where the factory paint color is simply RED but the sales name may be BOLERO RED or CRANBERRY RED. Yes, the paint mixing formulas are different between BOLERO RED and CRANBERRY RED but to the factory it was still just red. In a case where their may be two or more hues of a color with sales names such as DEEPWATER BLUE, NANTUCKET BLUE, and MARINA BLUE, the factory colors are simply shown as MEDIUM BLUE, DARK BLUE, or BRIGHT BLUE. A given paint color for a year may have a different sales name for Chevrolet than it does for say Buick, Oldsmobile, or Pontiac. An example of this is the 1969 sales name for Chevrolet of HUGGER/MONACO ORANGE is the same color as the 1969/1970 Pontiac sales name of CAROUSEL RED. Same color, same OEM supplier mixing formula, just different sales names for the two GM divisions.