More 1967 Chevelles

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AA ~ Tuxedo Black SS396 sport coupe

C1 ~ Ermine White Malibu sport coupe, white vinyl top

DD ~ Nantucket Blue SS396 sport coupe

DD ~ Nantucket Blue Malibu station wagon

F1 ~ Marina Blue SS396 convertible, white convertible top

GG ~ Granada Gold SS396 sport coupe

GG ~ Granada Gold Concours Estate station wagon

HH ~ Mountain Green SS396 sport coupe

H2 ~ Mountain Green SS396 sport coupe, black vinyl top

H6 ~ Mountain Green SS396 sport coupe, beige vinyl top

JJ ~ Verde Green Malibu sport coupe, Canadian only color courtesy Cam Milne.

K2 ~ Emerald Turquoise SS396 sport coupe, black vinyl top

LL ~ Tahoe Turquoise 300 Deluxe sedan

M2 ~ Royal Plum Malibu convertible, black convertible top

NN ~ Madeira Maroon SS396 sport coupe

RR ~ Bolero Red SS396 sport coupe

R1 ~ Bolero Red SS396 convertible, white convertible top

SS ~ Sierra Tan 300 sedan

TT ~ Capri Cream 300 sedan

Y2 ~ Butternut Yellow Malibu sport coupe, black vinyl top

YY ~ Butternut Yellow SS396 sport coupe

Pro Street

Race Chevelles

Custom Chevelles

These are some custom painted 1967 Chevelles from my photo database.  The owner's are not known and the exact colors are not known.  If one of them is yours, you're invited to let me know so I can give credit to the owner.

If you have pictures of your favorite 1967 Chevelle you'd like to share, especially one of a color I don't have yet, please contact me here.

Disclaimer: Paint colors depicted on this page may or may not be original. Many factors go into how any color is displayed on the Internet; lighting, age of paint, originality of paint, camera, etc. Colors and their sales names are shown for visual reference only.
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