1964 Chevelle Vehicle Identification Number Plate

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United States


1964 VIN Breakdown

Do not confuse the Vehicle Identification Number plate information with that found on the Fisher Body Number plate (trim tag). The series depiction on the VIN  plate does NOT have the meaning as the Fisher Body Number plate.

The Vehicle Identification Number plate (VIN) has similar information to the trim tag such as the model, year, and assembly plant. One difference is the last six numbers relating to the assembly plant sequence as opposed to the trim tag's Fisher Body sequence and the series will designate a 6-cyl (odd 3rd digit) or V8 (even 3rd digit) on the VIN plate where the 3rd digit on the trim tag does not.

A typical 1964 U.S-built Chevelle VIN might read: 45635 K 183855 being a Malibu V8 2-seat, 4-door station wagon assembled in Kansas City, MO.; DD was initially to be used for "Delivery Date" but few were stamped. The VIN plate was spot welded to the A-pillar on the driver side. GM of Canada VINs only have a 5-digit sequent number and did not use a space before or after the plant designation number '0' such as 45737064272.

See VIN plate examples here

First Character: Manufacturer Year
4 ~ 1964

Second and Third Character: Series Designation *
53 ~ Chevelle 300, 6-cylinder
54 ~ Chevelle 300, 8-cylinder
55 ~ Malibu, 6-cylinder
56 ~ Malibu, 8-cylinder
57 ~ Malibu Super Sport, 6-cylinder
58 ~ Malibu Super Sport, 8-cylinder

Fourth and Fifth Character: Body Style/Model
11 ~ 2-door sedan
15 ~ 2-door station wagon, 2-seat
35 ~ 4-door station wagon, 2-seat
37 ~ 2-door sport coupe
45 ~ 4-door station wagon, 3 seat
67 ~ 2-door convertible
69 ~ 4-door sedan
80 ~ 2-door sedan pickup

Sixth Character: Final Assembly Plant
A ~ Atlanta, Georgia
B ~ Baltimore, Maryland
H ~ Fremont, California
K ~ Kansas City, Missouri
L ~ Van Nuys, California

Seventh through Twelfth Digits: Sequential Production Number
The sequential starting number for the 1964 Chevelle was 100001 at all Chevelle assembly plants. Each assembly plant sequenced Chevelles of all series/models without regard to specific series/models. For example, if a series 45645 station wagon followed a 45667 Malibu convertible, the sequence number would be one unit higher for the wagon. It's also entirely possible to have the same sequence number from all five 1964 U.S. assembly plants with the only difference between the VINs being the plant code.

Production at the Kansas City plant exceeded 100,000 units sometime in mid to late June so the VIN sequence from that time frame to the end of production would be 2nnnnn for the Kansas City plant.

* The El Camino is not a separate series nameplate but rather a body style in both the 300 (53/54) and Malibu (55/56) series although it's often listed as such. The base (53/54) El Camino is a 2-dr sedan pickup body style with 300 trim where the (55/56) El Camino is a 2-dr sedan pickup body style with Malibu trim.

Typical Canadian Chassis Serial Plate

The Oshawa, ON. assembly plant had a similar schema with their VIN (or Chassis Serial) plate to the U.S. counterpart.

First Character:
Model year (4)
Second and Third Character: Series Designation - L6 Chevelle 300 (53)
Fourth and Fifth Characters: Body Style - 4-door sedan (69)
Sixth through Eleventh Digits: Sequential Production Number (050001)

VIN plate location

1964 VIN plate location
1964-1967 VIN location

1964 VIN plate location
1964 VIN plates were spot welded where 1965 and later VIN plates used special rivets.

1964 VIN Assembly Plant Codes

Letter Code Assembly Plant Series *
A Atlanta, Georgia 1, 4
B Baltimore, Maryland 3
C Atlanta, Georgia (Doraville) 1
F Flint, Michigan 1
G Framingham, Massachusetts 1
H Fremont, California 4
J Janesville, Wisconsin 1
K Kansas City, Missouri 4
L Los Angeles, California (Van Nuys) 1, 4
N Norwood, Ohio 3
R Arlington, Texas 1
S St. Louis, Missouri 1, 2
T Tarrytown, New York 1
U Southgate, California 1
W Willow Run, Michigan 3
Y Wilmington, Delaware 1
* 1-Passenger; 2-Corvette; 3-Chevy II; 4-Chevelle

1964 Chevrolet VIN Sequence Numbers

Series Begin Sequence Plant
Passenger 100001 All
Corvette 100001 St. Louis
Chevy II 100001 All
Chevelle 100001 All