262 - 400 Codes: IA - ZN

Abbreviations:  3S = 3-Speed Manual Transmission only, 4S = 4-Speed Manual Transmission only, A.I.R. = Air Injection Reactor, AS = Air Suspension, AT = Automatic Transmission (specific type uncertain), HLC = High Lift Camshaft, HP = High Performance, FI = Fuel Injection, HDC = Heavy Duty Clutch, MT = Manual Transmission,  SHP = Special High Performance, TBI = Throttle Body Injection, TG = Turboglide Transmission, TH = TurboHydramatic Transmission (specific type uncertain),TH350 = Turbo Hydramatic 350 Transmission, TH400 = Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission, TPI = Tuned Port Injection, LC = Low Compression, NB2 = CA vehicles with A.I.R. and longer valve overlap camshaft, P/S = Power Steering, T/A = Trans Am, YF5 = CA vehicles with A.I.R. and longer valve overlap camshaft, Z28 = Camaro Z28 only.

GM body platform letters A (Chevelle), B (Passenger), F (Camaro/Firebird), G (Malibu/Monte Carlo), X (Nova) = GM body platforms and are used instead of Passenger, Chevelle, etc. Police and Taxi imply passenger car unless otherwise noted. A body platform includes Chevelle and Monte Carlo unless otherwise noted.

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IA1969350 255TH400B
IB1969350300TH400B, right hand drive
IL1969350 255MTB, police
IM1969350 255PGB, police
IN1969350 250THB, police
IP1969350 255TH400B, police/taxi
IQ1969350 300MTB, police
IR1969350 300MTB, police
IS1969350 300PGB, police
IT1969350 300TH350B, police
IV1969350 300TH400B, police
IW1969350 255MTB, police
IX1969350 255PGB, police
IY1969350 255TH350B, police
IZ1969350 255TH400B, police
J1964283 195 MTA, 3-speed
JA1964283 195 MTA, 4-speed
JD1964283 195PGA
JG1964283 220PGA
JH1964283 220 MTA
JQ1964327 250MTA
JR1964327 300 MTA, HP
JS1964327 365MTA, SHP (unknown if actually installed)
JT1964327 250 MTA, TI (no K66 transistor ignition systems were reportedly sold in 1964 Chevelles)
KE1967327 275MTB, HDC
KH1966327 350MTCorvette, A/C, A.I.R., HLC, P/S
KL1967327 275THB
KM1967327 275THB, A.I.R.
MA1967-8327 210MTF
MB1967327 210MTF, A.I.R.
MD1967283 195MTF (72 built for export)
ME1967-68327 210PGF
MF1967327 210PGF, A.I.R.
MJ1967283195PGF (121 built for export)
MK1967327 275MTF
ML1967327 275 MTF, A.I.R.
ML1968327 325 MTX, SHP
MM1967327 275PGF
MM1968327 275PGX
MN1967327 275PGF, A.I.R.
MO1967302 290MTZ28, HP
MP1967302290MTZ28, A.I.R.
MS1967350 295MTF
MS1968350295MTF, X
MT1967350 295 MTF, A.I.R.
MU1967350 295PGF, X
MV1967350 295PGF, A.I.R.
PB1965-66283 220PGX. A/C
PD1965-66283 195MTX
PE1965-66283 220MTX
PE1967283195MTX, A.I.R.
PF1965-66283 195MTX, A/C
PF1967283195MTX, A/C
PG1965-66283 220MTX, A/C
PK1965-66283 220PGX
PL1965-66283 195MTX
PL1967283195MTX, 4-speed
PM1965-66283 195 MTX, A/C
PM1967283195MTX, 4-speed, A/C
PN1965-66283 195PGX
PO1966283195PGX, A.I.R., A/C
PP1965-66283 195PGX, A/C
PP1967283195PGX, A/C
PQ1966-67283195MTX, 4-speed, A.I.R.
PS1966283195MTX, A.I.R., A/C
PU1966-67283195PGX, A.I.R.
QA1966283 220MTX
QB1966283 220MTX, A/C
QC1966283 220MTX, A.I.R.
QD1966283220PGX, A.I.R.
QE1966283 220PGX, A/C, A.I.R
QF1966283 220MTX, A/C, A.I.R.
R1962-64327 250MTB
RA1962-63327 250MTB, A/C
RB1962-64327 300MTB
RC1962-64327 250MTCorvette
RD1962-64327 300MTCorvette
RE1962-63327 340MTCorvette, HLC
RE1964327365MTCorvette, SHP
RF1962-63327 360MTCorvette, FI
RF1964327375MTCorvette, FI
RH1963327250MTX, HDC
RK1963327 300MTB, A/C
RL1963327230 B, COPO, LC
RP1964327 250 MTCorvette, A/C
RQ1964327 300 MTCorvette, A/C
RR1964327 365MTCorvette, A/C
RS1964327230 B, COPO, LC
RT1964327 365MTCorvette, TI
RU1964327 365MTCorvette, A/C, TI
RX1964327 375MTCorvette, FI, TI
S1962-64327 250PGB
SA1962-63327 250PGB, A/C
SB1962-64327 300 PGB
SC1962-64327 250PGCorvette
SD1962-64327 350 PGCorvette
SF1962-64327250PGX, A/C
SG1963327 300 PGB, A/C
SK1964327 250 PGCorvette, A/C
SL1964327 300PGCorvette, A/C
SR1964327 250PGA
SS1964327 300PGA
ZB1965237300MTX, HP
ZB1966-67327275MTX, A.I.R.
ZC1966327275 X, A/C, A.I.R.
ZD1966-67327275PGX, A.I.R.
ZE1965327250MTX, A/C
ZE1966-67327275MTX, A/C
ZF1965327300MTX, HP
ZF1966327275PGX, A/C, A.I.R.
ZG1966-67327350 X, A.I.R., SHP
ZH1966327350 X, A/C, A.I.R., SHP
ZI1966-67327350MTX, SHP
ZJ1966-67327350MTX, A/C, SHP
ZL1965327300PGX, HP
ZM1965327250PGX, A/C
ZM1966-67327275PGX, A/C
ZN1965327300PGX, A/C, HP