366 - 454 Codes:  JA - MZ

Legend: A.I.R. = Air Injection Reactor, HD = Heavy Duty, HDC = Heavy Duty Clutch, PG = Powerglide, L89 = Aluminum Heads, MT = Manual Transmission, TH400 = Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission, TI = Transistor Ignition.

GM body platform letters A (Chevelle), B (Passenger), F (Camaro/Firebird), G (Malibu), X (Nova) = GM body platforms and are used instead of Passenger, Chevelle, etc. unless engine was only used in one particular model of a platform beginning in 1964.  Otherwise 'Passenger' is used for 1955-1963 model years.  police and Taxi imply passenger car unless otherwise noted.

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CodeYearCIDHPTrans Comments
JA1967427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2, A.I.R.
JC1967427400MTCorvette, Holley 3x2
JC1969396350MT A
JD1967427400PGCorvette, Holley 3x2
JD1969396375MT A
JE1967427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
JF1967427400MTCorvette, Holley 3x2, A.I.R.
JF1969396350MT F, X
JG1967427400PGCorvette, Holley 3x2, A.I.R.
JH1967427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2, L89, A.I.R.
JH1969396375MT F, X
JI1969396350TH400 F, X
JJ1969396375MTF, L89
JL1969396 375TH400 F, X
JM1969396 375TH400F, L89
JN1969396265MTB, 2-bbl
JO1969396265TH400B, 2-bbl, police
JP1969396265n/aB, 2-bbl, police
JQ1969396265TH400B, 2-bbl
JR1969396265MTB, 2-bbl, police, HDC
JT1969396265MTB, 2-bbl, HDC
JU1969396 325MTF, HDC
JV1969396325MTA, HDC
KA1969396350MT A, X, HDC
KB1969396350MT A, HDC
KC1969396375MT F, X, HDC
KD1969396375MT A. HDC
KE1969396 375MTF, HDC, L89
KF1969396375TH400 A
KG1969396375MTA, L89
KH1969396375TH400A, L89
KI1969396375MTA, HDC, L89 *
KL1969396375MTF (unverified)
LB1965396325PGB, Holley
LC1965396325TH400B, Holley
LF1965396325MTB, Holley
LF1969427390TH400B, police
LG1969427390MTB, police
LH1969427390MTB, SS only
LI1969427390TH400B, SS only
LJ1969427335TH400B, police
LK1969427335MTB, police
LL1969427390TH400 Corvette
LM1969427390MT Corvette
LN1969427400TH400 Corvette, Holley 3x2
LO1969427430MT Corvette, Holley
LP1969427435MT Corvette, L89
LQ1969427400MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
LR1969427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
LT1969427435MT Corvette, HDC, Holley 3x2
LU1969427435MT Corvette, HDC, L89
LV1969427430TH400 Corvette, Holley
LW1969427435TH400 Corvette, L89
LX1969427435TH400 Corvette, Holley 3x2
LY1969427335MTB, police
LZ1969427390MTB, HDC, police
MA1969427335MTB, HDC
MB1969427390MTB, HDC
MC1969427390MTB, SS only
MD1969427425MTB, HDC
ME1969427430MTCorvette, L88
MG1969427430TH400Corvette, L88
MH1969427390MTCorvette, TI
MI1969427390TH400Corvette, TI
MJ1969427400TH400Corvette, Holley 3x2, TI
MK1969427400MTCorvette, Holley 3X2, TI
ML1969427430MTF, COPO 9560
MM1969427425TH400F, COPO 9560
MN1969427425MTF, COPO 9561
MO1969427425TH400F, COPO 9561
MP1969427425MTA, COPO 9562
MQ1969427425TH400A, COPO 9562
MR1967396375MTF, A.I.R.
MR1968396350TH400 F, X
MR1969427430MTCorvette, Holley
MS1969427 Corvette, COPO - No details
MT1968396375MTF, L89
MV1968427  F, COPO 9737 Yenko
MV1969427  F, COPO 9567
MX1967396325MTF, A.I.R.
MX1968396350MTF, X
MX1969427  F, COPO 9567
MZ1967396325TH400F, A.I.R.

* Tonawanda does not show this engine in their production reports but information presented here is from Alan L. Colvin's "...by the numbers..." reference book.