366 - 454 Codes:   ED - IY

Legend: A.I.R. = Air Injection Reactor, HD = Heavy Duty, HDC = Heavy Duty Clutch, PG = Powerglide,  L89 = Aluminum Heads, MT = Manual Transmission, TH400 = Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 Transmission, TI = Transistor Ignition.

Platform is Chevelle unless otherwise noted B for passenger or Corvette.

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ED/EDH1966396 325 MTA, Holley
ED1967-68396 325 MTA
EF1966396 360MT A, Holley
EF1967396 350MT A
EF1968396350MTA, A.I.R.
EG1966-67396 375 MT A
EG1968396375MTA, A.I.R.
EH1966-67396 325 MTA, A.I.R.
EJ1966396 360MT A, A.I.R.
EJ1967396 350MT A, A.I.R.
EK1966396 325 PGA, Holley
EK1967-68396 325 PGA
EL1966396 360PG A, Holley
EL1967396 350 PG A
EL1968396350PGA, A.I.R.
EM1966-67396 325 PGA, A.I.R.
EN1966396 360PG A, Holley, A.I.R.
EN1967396 350PG A, A.I.R.
ET1967-68396 325 TH400A
EU1967-68396 350 TH400 A
EU1968396350TH400A, A.I.R.
EV1967396 325TH400 A, A.I.R.
EW1967396 350 TH400 A, A.I.R.
EX1967396 375 MT A, A.I.R.
IA1965396 325 MTB
IAH1966396325MTB, Holley
IAR1966396325MTB, Rochester
IA1967-68396 325 MTB
IB1966-67396325MTB, A.I.R.
IB1968427390TH400B, police
IC1965396 325 MTB, TI
IC1966-67396 325 PGB, A.I.R.
IC1968427390MTB, police
ID1966427 425 MTB
ID1967427 425 MTB, 11 built, no record of install
IE1965396 425 MTB
IE1967427385MTB, SS only
IE1968427 390MTB
IF1965396425MTCorvette, TI
IF1967427385TH400B, A.I.R., SS only
IF1968396 325 TH400B, police
IG1965396 325 PGB
IG1967-68396 325 PGB
IGH1966396 325 PGB, Holley
IGR1966396 325 PGB, Rochester
IH1966427 390 MTB
IH1967427 385 MTB, except SS
IH1968427 390MTB
II1965396325PGB, TI
II1966427 390 MTB, A.I.R.
II1967427385MTB, A.I.R., except SS
IJ1966-68427 390TH400B
IK1967427425MTB, 11 built, no record of install
IK1968396325MTB, police, (3-speed)
IM1966-67427390MTCorvette, A.I.R.
IM1968427400MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
IN1966-67396325TH400B, A.I.R.
IN1968396325PGB, police
IO1966427390TH400B, A.I.R.
IO1967427385TH400B, A.I.R., except SS
IO1968427400TH400 Corvette, Holley 3x2
IP1966427425MT Corvette
IR1966-67427390PG Corvette, A.I.R.
IR1968427435MTCorvette, Holley 3x2
IS1967427385TH400B, SS only
IT1967427430MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
IT1967427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2
IU1967427435MT Corvette, Holley 3x2, L89
IU1968427435MT Corvette, L89
IV1965396325TH400B, Rochester
IVH1966396325TH400B, Holley
IVR1966396325TH400B, Rochester
IW1965396325TH400B, TI
IX1967427385MTB, A.I.R., SS only