Chevelle Dealer Number & Zone - Data Submission Only

The majority of the dealer information have their basis from build sheets. When a known Zone Number and Dealer Number are input the result will show the year of the build sheet the data was found on, the dealer's name as shown on the build sheet, the dealers city/location as shown on the build sheet, and the plant the car was shipped from. If some other form of documentation other than the build sheet was used to gather the data, that form of documentation will be noted.

I should also note that when two different plants might ship to the same dealer the exact wording of the dealer or the dealer's town may vary from plant to plant and possibly from year to year. For example one plant may code a dealer in Colorado with COL where another may code it as COLO. These differences are only shown in the manual lists.

Special thanks to Robert McIntosh for the Java code for this effort.

Data Submission

If you have this data for any year, please let the Chevelle community know by filling out the form below. The attached file should be a READABLE image of at least the dealer name, zone, and dealer number from a build sheet with the sequence number entered into the Comments box, or enough of an NCRS report to show the same information such as one of the examples here.

I get over 45,000 visitors a month to this site. I cannot list data without verification to insure the data are accurate.

CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

CHEVELLESTUFF  All Rights Reserved

Without all the needed information and image, any partially submitted data or data submitted without an image for verification, submission is rather worthless. Dealer name and dealer city must be exactly the way it's shown on the documentation or people will not be able to get an exact response to a query.

Visual Verification Image

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