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Chevelle Wheels

All wheels are 5-lug, 4-3/4" bolt pattern. All should have the size of the wheel and some type of manufacturer's trademark and is usually found on the inside of the wheel along with a series of numbers/letters such as 14x6 JJ. There will be a number stamped below or to the right of this alphanumeric series that represents the month. An example might look like K-1-7 4 DG for a 1967 rally wheel (DG) made at the Romulus, MI. plant in April of 1967 (K-1-7 4).

The workers stamping wheels didn't always follow this "rule" though as shown by this 1967 rally wheel.

Often found on the spider of the outside is the Kelsey-Hayes assembly date of the wheel.  An example would be K-1-0 where K is Kelsey-Hayes, the first 1 is the plant (1=Romulus, MI, 2=Windsor, ON, 3=Philadelphia, PA.) and the last digit is the model year, or 1970 in this case.

Year - ModelCodeSizeOffsetNotes
1964 - Chevelle 14x5 J0.44All
1965 - Chevelle 14x5 J1.00Pass & Wagon
1966 - ChevelleXC14x5 J1.00Pass & Wagon
  14x5 JK1.00Wagon & H.D.
1967 - ChevelleXC14x5 J1.00Pass & Wagon
  14x6 JK1.00SS & H.D.
 DA14x5 JJ0.88Rally D/B except SS, Camaro D/B except SS.
 DG14x6 JJ0.88SS Rally D/B, Camaro SS w/D/B
1968 - ChevelleXC14x5 J1.00Pass & Wagon
  14x6 JK1.00SS & H.D.
 XE14x6 JJ0.88D/B
 XB14x6 JJ0.88Rally
1969 - ChevelleXC14x5 J1.00Pass
 YX14x5 JJ0.56Wagon
 XE14x6 JJ0.88D/B
 YV14x6 JJ0.88Replaced XE
 YB14x6 JJ0.88Wagon D/B
 XB14x6 JJ0.88Rally D/B
 YW14x6 JJ0.88Replaced XB
 AE14x6 JJ0.88Wagon drum and D/B
 AO14x70.88Replaced YA
1970 - ChevelleYD14x50.60Standard (except wagon and SS)
 YW14x6 JJ0.88Rally
 YB14x6 JJ0.88Wagon and El Camino
 CZ14x6 JJ0.88Replaced YB
 AE14x6 JJ0.88Rally (ZJ7)
 YA14x70.34SS found on early model year
1970 - Monte CarloYH15x7 JJ0.30Rally
1971 - ChevelleFF14x50.60Standard (except wagon and SS)
 CZ14x6 JJ0.88Wagon
 DE14x6 JJ0.88Rally (ZJ7)
AU15x7 JJ0.34SS (Trans-Am)
1971 - Monte CarloXX15x6 JJ0.85Standard
 XY15x7 JJ0.30 SS
 FW15x7 JJ0.30Rally (ZJ7)
1972 - ChevelleDD14x50.60Standard (except wagon and SS)
 DE14x6 JJ0.50Rally
 AU15x7 JJ0.30SS (Trans-Am)
 CZ14x6 JJ0.88Wagon
1972 - Monte Carlo 15x60.85Standard
 XX15x7 JJ0.85Standard
 AH15x7 JJ0.30Custom Model (ZO3)
 FW15x7 JJ0.30Rally (ZJ7)
* Not confirmed by GM Docs

Often a Camaro wheel will find its way on a Chevelle. Note the differences in the Chevelle SS wheel in the top photo compared to a Camaro wheel in the bottom photo. The Chevelle wheel has an oblong opening for the valve stem where the Camaro wheel is round.

The 1971 and 1972 YF3 optioned "Heavy Chevy" were equipped with 14 x 6 rally type wheels with bright lug nuts and center cap. Essentially the same wheel was optional under RPO ZJ7 but have a bright trim ring and those (RPO ZJ7) were not available with neither the SS option nor the YF3 option. Other steel wheels with wheel covers were also not an option with either the SS or YF3 option.

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