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This site is not associated with General Motors, Chevrolet, or any of its subsidiaries and is presented to the Internet solely as a reference site. While much of the information comes from General Motors (in general) and Chevrolet (in particular) publications, a great deal of the data is gathered from knowledgeable people who have spent years gathering information and are willing to share that information.

Photos of all cars presented were either taken by me at various Chevelle shows, submitted by readers, or are readily available elsewhere on the Internet. Any car owner that does not wish their car to be displayed on this website should contact me here with the specific car's information and what page (and date) the car is found on. I will (un)happily remove it at their request.

All information presented is assumed to be correct but, publications and memory being what they are, this website may contain incorrect or incomplete data. If you have documented proof that contradicts any information presented, please contact me here and I'll be more than happy to correct any errors or add any additional information.

Data supplied is for U.S. built Chevelles unless otherwise noted.

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