C'mon, man...what's with all the capitalized words? What's a Comero or Comino? A COPO Clone Creation?

COPO means (Central Office Production Order) . In the mid 60's-early 70's General Motors where building factor "Drag Race" Cars. The 'Comero' , the 'Nova' and the 'Chevelle'. With High Performance 427's, 4-speeds and Possi rear ends. Fast Race Cars to compeat with Ford and Chrysler on the Strip.They did not come with operating creature comforts,like radios, Heaters, and trim packages. It was only to Race down the 'Quarter Mile' . They never maid an EL COMINO "COPO". I DID! A compleat 'Frame Off Restoration'. The car Comes as a "Brown Paper Bag". With a 468 c.i. Big Block, Aluminium Head , Solid Roller Cam,Weind High Rise, 780 Holly Carb, Factor Stock Exhaust, (2-1/2 ) 'Borla' Mufflers, Richand 5-Speed, 373 GM 12 Bolt Possi Rear End. Interior is in all Black, Custom Built all 'Auto Meter' Gage Cluster Dash,with Silver Dash coverings. There is a Hidden CD Stereo Player behind the Custom Racing Bucket Seats where the Spair Tire is keep. (Comes with out spair) A Custom Speaker CD Cabinet Wall is there. A Floor Console comes with car,but not included. 'Hurest' T-Handle Shifter handles the 5-Speed. I opened up the Hidden Bed Compartment and hinged the led for access to where the Battery and the Amp for the Stereo are kept. "RINO' liner was mixed in the paint together and sprayed in the Bed. Covered the a Rubber Bed liner. Wheeles are FireStone 'INDY '500 Series on steel Stock Painted the some as the car.