The Chevelle Family Tree

Each 'limb' shows the series number and name given to various flavors of the Chevelle from 1964 to 1972. Everything was pretty simple until 1970 when Chevrolet began calling the entry level Chevelle a 'Chevelle Standard', then 'Chevelle' in 1971 and 1972. Beginning in 1972 Chevrolet changed the way the series was designated by using a single letter instead of a 2-digit number such as using the letter "C" for the Malibu (35-36) series. Fisher Body did not begin using a letter for the series on their trim tags until the 1973 model year. Where applicable for 1972 the GM letter is shown in the Series column for clarity.

SeriesModel & Year(s)
53-5400Chevelle 300 (1964 only)
55-5600Malibu (1964 only)
57-5800Malibu SS (1964 only)
131-13200Chevelle 300 (1965-1967)
131-13200Chevelle 300, Nomad station wagon (1968-1969)
131-13200 (B-1972)Nomad station wagon (1970-1972)
133-13400300 Deluxe (1965-1968)
133-13400Nomad station wagon (1968 only)
133-13400Greenbrier station wagon (1969 only)
133-13400Standard, Greenbrier station wagon (1970 only)
133-13400 (C-1972)Chevelle, Greenbrier station wagon (1971-1972)
135-13600Malibu (1965-1972)
135-13600Malibu SS (1966-January 1967 Canada only)
135-13600 (D-1972)Concours station wagon (1969-1972)
137-13800Malibu SS (1965 only)
137-13800Concours station wagon (1967-1970)
13817-867SS396 (1966-1967)
13837-867-880SS396 (1968 only)
13800 (H-1972)Concours Estate station wagon (1969-1972)
13857 (H-1972)Monte Carlo sport coupe (1970-1972)

See Series/Model Lineup page for more detailed information.