ChevelleStuff had a humble start in 2002 beginning with a decoding and information site about 1967 Chevelles. As time went on I came to realize there were other years of Chevelles out there. Visiting several online forums about Chevelles many questions and answers piqued my interest in the 1964 through 1972 model years and I set out to learn all I could about them. Some data came from the Q & A on forums as well as many books on Chevelles and GM paperwork.

I soon discovered that many of the online 'experts' weren't that knowledgeable and were giving either really bad advise or they were simply going by what someone said or read. I also found many of the websites out there about Chevelles were either incorrect or incomplete in the information they offered and didn't reflect the many nuances of these years. Many just didn't take the time to explain why things were or assumed because one thing was true one year for a given plant it must be true for all years or all plants. Research over the past 14 plus years has shown this not to be the case.