1971 Chevelle Miscellaneous Maintenance & Specifications

Engine Specifications
Engine Data
6 Cyl Engine8 Cyl Engine
250 cid307 cid350 cid350 cid402 cid454 cid
1 bbl.2 bbl.2 bbl.4 bbl.4 bbl.4 bbl.
Horsepower145 @ 4200200 @ 4600245 @ 4800270 @ 4800300 @ 4800365 @ 5600
Torque230 @ 1600300 @ 2400350 @ 2800260 @ 3200400 @ 3200465 @ 3200
Comp. Ratio8.5:18.5:18.5:18.5:18.5:18.5:1
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-41-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
Spark Plugs
250 L-6 EngineAC Type R-46TS
307 V-8 EngineAC Type R-45TS
350 V-8 Engine 2-bblAC Type R-45TS
350 V-8 Engine 4-bblAC Type R-44TS
402 V-8 EngineAC Type R-44TS
454 V-8 EngineAC Type R-43TS
Recommendations for Filters, P.C.V. Valves, etc.
Engine Oil FilterAllAC Type PF25
Engine Air Cleaner ElementL-6
307 cid
307 cid, Malibu
350 cid
402 cid
454 cid
AC Type A169CW
AC Type A169CW
AC Type 348C
AC Type 348C
AC Type A212CW
AC Type A212CW
Carburetor Fuel FilterAll L-6 and Rochester 4 bbl.AC Type GF427
Positive Crankcase Ventilator ValveL6
All V8
AC Type CV722C
AC Type CV736C
Crankcase Ventilation FilterAllAC Type FB-59
Radiator CapAllAC Type RC-15
Cooling System250 cid
307 V-8, 350 V-8
402 V-8
454 V-8
12.5 qts
16 qts *
23 qts *
23 qts *
Transmission FluidPowerglide
TH 350
TH 400
9 qts
10 qts
11 qts
Fuel TankAll19 gal
* with air conditioning, add 1 quart
The headlamp circuit is protected by a circuit breaker in the light switch. An overload on the breaker will cause the lamps to "flicker" on and off. If this condition develops, have your headlamp wiring checked immediately. Also, a special circuit breaker, mounted on the firewall, protects the power window, power seat, and power top circuits if vehicle is so equipped. Where current load is too heavy, the circuit breaker intermittently opens and closes protecting the circuit until the cause is found and eliminated.

Fuses, located in the Junction Block beneath the dash are:
Radio, TCS, Rear Defogger, Hydra-matic Downshift10 Amp.
W/S Wiper25 Amp.
Stop Lamps, Hazard Flasher20 Amp.
Heater, A/C25 Amp.
Directional Signal, Backup Lamps, Cruise Master, Side Marker Lamps, Blocking Relay (A/C)20 Amp.
Instrument Lamps, Floor Shift Lamps04 Amp.
Gauges, Instrument Panel Warning10 Amp.
Clock, Courtesy Light, Lighter, And Diesel Control Decklid Lock, Glove Box and Dome Lamp25 Amp.
Tail Lamps, License, and Side Marking Lamp20 Amp.

An Air Conditioning high blower speed fuse, 30 amp. is located in an in-line fuse holder running from horn relay to Air Conditioning relay.

Fusible Links are incorporated into the wiring system. These are wires of such a gauge that they will fuse (or melt) before damage occurs to an entire wiring harness in the event of an electrical overload.

Replace with AC-Guide LampsCandle
Headlight Unit60W (H)
50W (L)
Front Park and Directional Signal32-31157NA
Front Fender Side Marker Lamp2194A
Rear Side Marker Lamp2194
Tail, Stop, and Rear Directional Signal32-31157
License Plant Lamp467
Back Up Lamps321156
Courtesy Lamp6631
Dome Lamp12211 or 211-1
Instrument Illumination Lamp2194
High Beam Headlamp Indicator2194
Indicator Lamps
  Temp. System
  Brake Warning
  Turn Signal


Heater or A/C Control Panel Lamp11445
Rear Seat Courtesy6212 or 211-1
Glove Box Lamp21893
Radio Dial Lamp21816
Floor Mounted Console21445
Underhood Lamp1593
Seat Separator Lamp6212-1
Map Light (Mirror)4563
Luggage Compartment151003