1970 Chevelle Atlanta, Baltimore, & Kansas City Build Sheet Decoding Information on CD-ROM

1970 Build Sheet Decoder

Now available on CD, decode your 1970 Atlanta, Baltimore, and Kansas City SS396 & SS454 build sheets. This CD breaks down every box on every line and shows the correct broadcast codes that are present for various combinations. This is a very valuable resource for those looking to buy a 1970 SS396 or SS454 Chevelle and assist you in spotting fake build sheets created to 'document' the car. If the build sheet is fake, the car probably is as well.

Build Sheets are paperwork that accompanied a vehicle as it was being assembled showing what components were to be used during construction. These were not meant to be left in the car once they were no longer needed at a particular workstation, nor were they left for us to find them in a treasure hunt. Rather, they were suppose to be collected and tossed in the trash once they served their purpose.

It's important to note that not all plants were the same when it came to how information was included on these build sheets. Although most of the blocks of data contain the same broadcast code (letters or numbers) for the same item from plant to plant, there are variations. Even the RPO wording in block 107 will vary from plant to plant for the same RPO. So anytime a question is asked about a particular broadcast code, the assembly plant must be taken into consideration.


Chevelle Production Plants

* Arlington, Texas ~ No information will be included for the Arlington plant as I do not yet have enough examples to give a good reading.
* Atlanta, Georgia ~ Will be covered.
* Baltimore, Maryland ~Will be covered.
* Flint, Michigan ~ No information will be included for the Flint plant as, to date, not a single Flint build sheet has been found to exist.
* Kansas City, Missouri ~ Will be covered.
* Van Nuys, California ~ No information will be included for the Van Nuys plant as I do not yet have enough examples to give a good reading.
* Oshawa, Ontario ~ Oshawa did not have build documents like the U.S. plants but rather what's referred to as a Line Schedule

Where They Have Been Found

ChevelleStuff receives many emails asking where their build sheet may be found in a car. The answer is simple, just about anywhere in the interior or even on top of the gas tank in some cases - and that's only when one or more may have been left in the car. Below are some photos of where build sheets have been found. These examples are certainly not the ONLY locations build sheets have been found, just some that have been reported.

Anyone with photos of their build sheet find in its original location is encouraged to send a photo to show others the location.

Arlington, TX
Arlington is noted for leaving build sheets under the flooring in the driver's footwell. Here's one just under the gas pedal.

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta is noted for having build sheets left stuck to the passenger side door panel.

Baltimore, MD
Baltimore is noted for having build sheets left in the seats, often hogringed in place.

Typical Van Nuys location on top of the gas tank.