1967 Chevelle Regular Production Options/ Dealer Installed Accessories

Air conditioning, Comfort-Car ACC13000
Air conditioning, Four SeasonC60 13000
Air deflector, rear windowC51ACC13000 wagon
Air injection reactor equipmentK19 13000
Appearance Guard Group Options (Items available as a group or as separate options)

Custom deluxe front and rear seat belts
(with front retractors)

  13000 exc. pickup

Custom deluxe front seat belts


Door edge guards

  13000 exc. 137-13835

Front bumper guards


Rear bumper guards

  13000 exc. wagon & pickup

Rubber twin front and rear floor mats

Auxiliary Lighting Group Options (Items available as a group or as separate options)

Ash tray lamp


Glove box lamp


Instrument panel courtesy lamps

  13000 exc. conv.

Luggage compartment lamps

  13000 exc. wagon & pickup

Underhood lamp

Battery, heavy dutyT60 13000
Brake linings, sintered-metallicJ65 132-134-136-13800
Brakes, front wheel discJ52 13000
Brakes, front powerJ50ACC13000
Carrier cover, roof luggage ACC13000 wagon
Carrier, deck lid luggage ACC13000 exc. wagon & pickup
Carrier, roof luggageV55ACC13000 wagon
Carrier, ski equipment (deck lid) ACC13000 exc. wagon & pickup
Carrier, ski equipment (roof luggage carrier) ACC13000 wagons
Carrier, ski equipment (roof clamp-on) ACC13000 exc. conv.
Clock, electricU35ACC131-132-133-13400
Clutch, heavy dutyM01 13000 exc. 13817-67
Compass, auto ACC13000
Console, front compartmentD55 135-13617-67-80, 13817-67
Cruise controlK30ACC132-134-136-13800
Deflectors, rain ACC13000 4-door
Defroster, rear windowC50ACC13000 exc. conv., wagon, pickup
Emergency road kit ACC13000

155 hp Turbo-Thrift 250 cu. in. L-6

L22 131-133-135-13700

275 hp Turbo-Fire 327 cu. in. V-8

L30 132-134-136-13835

325 hp Turbo-Fire 327 cu. in. V-8

L79 13000 exc. 13817-67

325 hp Turbo-Jet 396 cu. in. V-8

L35 134-13680

350 hp Turbo-Jet 396 cu. in. V-8

L34 134-13680, 13817-67

375 hp Turbo-Jet 396 cu. in. V-8

L78 134-13680, 13817-67
Engine ventilation, closed positiveK24 13000
Exhaust system, dualN10 132-134-13600, 13835
Fan, temperature controlledK02ACC132-134-136-13800
Fire extinguisher ACC13000
Floor mats, clear vinyl twin front and rear ACC13000
Floor mats, rubber twin front and rearB37ACC13000
Generator, Delcotron (12-42 amp)K79 13000
Generator, Delcotron (61 amp)K76 13000
Glass, tinted window (all)A01 13000
Glass, tinted windshield (only)A02 13000
Guards, door edgeB93ACC13000 exc. 137-13835
Guards, front bumperV31ACC13000
Guards, rear bumperV32ACC13000 exc. wagon & pickup
Headrest, conventional type front seatA82 13000
Headrest, Strato-ease special contour front seatA81 135-13617-67-80, 13817-67
Heater-defroster deletionC50 13000
Horn, low "D" noteU03ACC133-134-135-136-137-13800
Instrument panel gaugesU14 13617-67-80, 13817-67
Lamp, ash trayU28ACC13000
Lamp, glove boxU27ACC131-132-133-13400
Lamp, luggage compartmentU25ACC13000 exc. wagon & pickup
Lamps, instrument panel courtesyU29ACC13000 exc. conv.
Lamp, underhoodU26ACC13000
Litter container, instrument panel mounted ACC13000
Litter container, saddle type ACC13000
Lock, gas filler cap ACC13000
Lock, spare wheel ACC13000
Locks, rear door safety ACC13000 4-door
Mirror, remote control outside rear viewD33 13000
Mirror, visor vanity ACC13000
Molding, door and window frameB90 13000 4-door & wagon
Operating Convenience Group Options (Items available as a group or as separate options)

Rear window defroster

  13000 exc. conv., wagon & pickup

Remote control outside rear view mirror

Paint stripe, wide sideD96 13817-67
Radiator, heavy dutyV01 13000
Radio, and front antenna, manual AM ACC13000
Radio, and front antenna, push-button AMU63ACC13000
Radio, and front antenna, push-button AM-FMU69ACC13000
Radio antenna, front fixed height ACC13000
Radio antenna, front manual ACC13000
Radio antenna, rear manualU73ACC13000 exc. wagon & pickup
Foundation Group Options (Items available as a group or as separate options)

Deluxe foam front seat cushion


Electric clock


Push-button AM radio with front antenna

Radio speaker, rear seatU80ACC13000 exc. pickup
Radio stereo ACC13000
Rear axle   

2.73:1 ratio

G97 134-13680, 13817-67


H01 132-134-136-13800

3.08:1 ratio

G92 131-133-135-13700

3.31:1 ratio

G94 132-134-136-13800

3.36:1 ratio

G76 13000 exc. 13817-67

3.55:1 ratio

G96 13000

3.70:1 ratio

G75 13000 exc. 13817-67

3.73:1 ratio

H05 132-134-138-13800


G80 13000
Roof cover, vinylC08 133-13480, 135-13617-39-80, 13817
Seat belt, rear center - used with custom deluxe seat beltsAL5 13000 exc. pickup, conv., sport coupe
Seat belt, rear center - used with standard seat beltsA68 13000 exc. pickup, conv., sport coupe
Seat belts, custom deluxe front and rear (with front retractors)A39 13000 exc. pickup
Seat belts, custom deluxe front (with retractors)A49 133-134-135-13680
Seat cushion, deluxe foam frontB55 131-132-133-13400
Seat pad, ventilated ACC13000
Seat, power 4-way benchA41 133-134-135-136-137-13800 exc. pickup
Seats, front Strato-bucketA51 135-13617-67-80, 13817-67
Shock absorbers, Superlift air adjustableG66 13000 exc. pickup
Shoulder harness, front seat - used with custom deluxe beltsA85 13000
Shoulder harness, front seat - used with standard beltsAS1 13000
Speed warning indicatorU15 13000
Spotlamp, hand portable ACC13000
Spotlamp, remote control ACC13000
Station Wagon Convenience Group Options (Items available as a group or as separate options)

Power tailgate window

  13000 wagon

Rear window air deflector

  13000 wagon

Roof luggage carrier

  13000 wagon
Steering, powerN40 13000
Steering wheel, deluxeN30 131-132-133-13400
Steering wheel, tiltN33 13000
Steering wheel, wood-grained plasticN34 13000
Stereo tape playerU57ACC13000 exc. pickup
Suspension, heavy duty front and rearF40 13000
TachometerU14 132-134-136-13800

7.35-14-4pr whitewall rayon

P5813000 exc. wagon, 13817-67

7.75-14-4pr whitewall rayon

P62 13000 exc. 13817-67

7.75-14-4pr blackwall rayon

P65 13000 exc. wagon, 13817-67

7.75-14-8pr blackwall rayon

T14 13000 wagon

7.75-14-8pr whitewall rayon

T15 13000 wagon

F70-14-4pr special nylon - white stripe

PW7 13000 exc. wagon

F70-14-4pr special nylon - red stripe

PW8 13000 exc. wagon, 13817-67
Tissue dispenser, instrument panel mounting ACC13000
Top, folding convertibleC05 135-136-13867
Top, power convertibleC06 135-136-13867
Trailer hitch ACC13000
Trailer wiring harness ACC13000

Transmission overdrive (2.85:1 low ratio)

M10 13000 exc. 13817-67

3-speed transmission, heavy duty
(2.86:1 or 2.41:1 low ratio)

M13 13000 exc. 13817-67

3-speed automatic transmission -
Turbo Hydra-Matic (2.42:1 low ratio)

M40 134-13680, 13817-67

4-speed transmission (3.11, 2.54, 2.52:1 low ratio)

M20 132-134-136-13800

4-speed transmission, close ratio (2.20:1 low ratio)

M21 132-134-136-13800

Powerglide transmission (1.82:1 low ratio for L-6 and 283 V-8, 1.76:1 for 327 and 396 V-8)

M35 13000
Wheel trim coversP01ACC13000
Wheel trim covers, mag styleN96ACC13000
Wheel trim covers, simulated wireP02ACC13000
Windows, powerA31135-136-137-13800
Window, power tailgateA33 13000 wagon

Revised September 1966

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