1965 Chevelle Regular Production Options

BodyAir conditioning, Four SeasonC60All
Air deflector, rear windowC51Station wagons
Antenna, radio rear manualU73All exc. wagons & pickup
Body, heavy dutyB0113169
Body molding, wheel trim coverZ08131-13200
Bucket seat, 4-way control (driver's side)*A46137-13800
Carrier, roof luggageV55Station wagons
Defogger, rear windowC50All exc. conv. & wagons
Glass, tintedA01All
Glass, tinted windshieldA02
Guard, front bumperV31
Guard, rear bumperV32All exc. wagons & pickup
Heater, (delete)C48All
Horn, low "D" noteU03All exc. 131-13200
Lock, spare wheelP19All
Pad, instrument panelB70
Radio and antenna, manual tuningU60
Radio and antenna, push buttonU63
Radio and antenna, AM-FM push buttonU69
Radio stereo equipmentU7913837
Roof cover, exterior soft trim (black)C08135-136-137-13837
Seat belts, custom deluxe (w/retractors)A49All
Seat belts, custom deluxe rear*A4713000 exc. pickup
Seat belts, custom rear*A64
Seat belts (delete)A62All
Seat, split second (Fawn interior only)A66Station wagons
Seat, 4-way electricalA41All exc. 137-13800 & pickup
Speaker, radio auxiliaryU80All exc. conv. & pickup
Tachometer, instrument panelU16132-134-136-13800
Taxicab equipmentB0213169
Top, folding electric convertibleC06135-136-137-13867
Top, folding convertible (color options)C05
Windows, electricA31All exc. 131-13200
Window, electric tailgateA33Station wagons
Engine OptionsClutch, heavy dutyM01131-133-135-13700
Fan, thermo modulatedK02132-134-136-13800
Generator, Delcotron 6-55 amp.K77All
Generator, 12-42 amp.K79
Generator, 23-62 amp.K81
Radiator, heavy dutyV01
Regulator and ignition, transistorK66132-134-136-13800
Ventilation, engine positive closedK24All
230 Cubic Inch L-6, 144 HP*L26131-133-135-13700
327 Cubic inch V-8, 250 HPL30
327 Cubic inch V-8, 300 HPL74
327 Cubic inch V-8, 350 HP*L79
Tires6.95 x 14-4 pr whitewall rayonP67All exc. wagons & pickup
7.35 x 14-4 pr blackwall rayonP57
7.35 x 14-4pr whitewall rayonP58All
7.75 x 14-4 pr blackwall nylonP60
7.75 x 14-4 pr blackwall rayonP65
7.75 x 14-4 pr whitewall rayonP62
7.75 x 14-4 pr whitewall nylonP61
7.75 x 14-8 pr blackwall rayonT14
TransmissionThree speed transmission, heavy duty*M13132-134-136-13800
Four speed transmissionM20
Overdrive transmissionM10All
Powerglide transmissionM35All
Transmission oil cooler - PowerglideM55131-133-135-13700
Chassis OptionsAxle, rear (3.36:1 ratio)G76All exc. wagons
Axle, rear (3.70:1 ratio)G75134-13680
Axle, rear (3.73:1 ratio)H05
Axle, rear limited slipG80All
Battery, heavy dutyT60
Brakes, vacuum powerJ50
Brakes, metallicJ65
Chassis, heavy dutyZ0413169
Cover, wheel trimP01All exc. 137-13800
Cover, simulated wire wheelP02All
Exhaust, dualN10132-134-136-13800
Shock absorber, rear liftG66All exc. pickup
Shock absorber, rear level controlG67All
Steering, powerN40
Steering wheel, tilt typeN33
Steering wheel, wood grained plasticN34
Suspension, special front and rearF40
Comfort and ConvenienceLamp, glove boxZ01131-132-133-13400
Lamp, back-upAll
Mirror, inside & outside rear view
Wiper and washer, 2-speed w/s
Mirror, remove control outsideZ13

*Revised February 1965