1964 Chevelle Regular Production Options

EngineEngine, 230 L6 high performanceL6153-55-5700
Engine, 327 V8 250 HPL3054-56-5800
Engine, 327 V8 High performance 300 HPL74
Engine, 327 V8 High performance 365 HPL76
Generator, Delcotron 12-42 ampK79All
Generator, Delcotron 5-55 ampK77 
Generator, Delcotron 23-62 ampK81 
Carburetor, 4-barrel (283 V8)L7754-56-5800
Clutch, heavy dutyM0153-55-5700
Fan drive, thermostaticK0254-56-5800
Regulator and ignition, transistorK66
Radiator, heavy dutyV01All
Ventilator, closed engine positive (type B)K24
TransmissionFour speed (4-speed close ratio - M21)M2054-56-5800
Powerglide, oil cooledM5553-55-5700
ChassisAxle, limited slipG80All
Axle, rear (3.36:1)G76All exc. wagons
Battery, heavy-dutyT60All
Brakes, powerJ50
Brakes, metallicJ65
Chassis, heavy-dutyZ045369
Cover, wheel trimP01All exc. 57-5800
Driven gear and fitting, speedometerZ12All
Shock absorber, rear air liftG66All exc. sedan pickup
Special front and rear suspensionF40All
Wire wheel cover (simulated)P02
Steering, powerN40
Steering wheel, tilt typeN33
Steering wheel, wood-grained plasticN34
Tires6.50 x 14-4 pr whitewall rayonP67All exc. wagons & pickup
7.50 x 14-4 pr blackwall nylonP60All
7.00 x 14-4 pr whitewall rayonP58
7.50 x 14-4 pr blackwall rayonP65
7.00 x 14-4 pr blackwall rayonP57All exc. wagons & pickup
7.50 x 14-4 pr whitewall rayonP62All
7.50 x 14-4 pr whitewall nylonP61
7.50 x 14-6 pr blackwall rayonP63
BodyAir conditioning, all weatherC60All
Air conditioning, DeluxeC65
Belt unit, Custom Deluxe seat (retractor)A49
Belt unit, seat (delete)A62
Body, heavy-dutyB015369
Defogger and defroster, rear C50All exc. conv. & wagons
Glass, tintedA01All
Front bumper guardV31 
Rear bumper guardV32All exc. wagons & pickup
Less heaterC48All
Luggage carrier, roofV55Station wagons
Pad, instrument panelB70All
Radio, push buttonU63
Radio, manualU60
Radio & auxiliary rear speaker, push buttonZ02All exc. Conv.
Seat, split secondA66Station wagons
Seat, 4-way electric frontA4153-54-55-5600 exc. pickup
Top colors, foldingC0555-56-57-5867
Top, electric foldingC06 
Window, electric tailgate A332-seat wagons
Windows, electricA31All
Windshield glass, tintedA02 
(Comfort & Convenience)Inside and outside r/v mirror (a)Z01-
2-speed wiper and washer
Glove box lamp53-5400
Back-up lamp

(a) Remote control outside mirror in Z13