1967 Chevelle Photo Gallery

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A2 ~ Tuxedo Black, black vinyl top
A2 ~ Tuxedo Black SS396 sport coupe, black vinyl top

CC ~ Ermine White
CC ~ Ermine White SS396 sport coupe

DD ~ Nantucket Blue
DD ~ Nantucket Blue SS396 sport coupe

EE ~ Deepwater Blue
EE ~ Deepwater Blue SS396 sport coupe

FF ~ Marina Blue
FF ~ Marina Blue SS396 sport coupe

GG ~ Granada Gold
GG ~ Granada Gold SS396 sport coupe

GG ~ Granada Gold
GG ~ Granada Gold Malibu 4-door sedan

HH ~ Mountain Green
HH ~ Mountain Green Malibu sport coupe

KK ~ Emerald Turquoise
KK ~ Emerald Turquoise SS396 sport coupe

LL ~ Tahoe Turquoise
LL ~ Tahoe Turquoise SS396 sport coupe

MM ~ Royal Plum
MM ~ Royal Plum Malibu sport coupe

M2 ~ Royal Plum, black vinyl top
M2 ~ Royal Plum SS396 sport coupe, black vinyl top

NN ~ Madeira Maroon
NN ~ Madeira Maroon SS396 sport coupe

RR ~ Bolero Red
RR ~ Bolero Red SS396 sport coupe

SS ~ Sierra Tan
SS ~ Sierra Tan SS396 sport coupe

S2 ~ Sierra Tan, black vinyl top
S2 ~ Sierra Tan SS396 sport coupe, black vinyl top

TT ~ Capri Cream
TT ~ Capri Cream SS396 sport coupe

T1 ~ Capri Cream, white convertible top
T1 ~ Capri Cream Malibu convertible, white convertible top

T2 ~ Capri Cream, black vinyl top
T2 ~ Capri Cream, black vinyl top SS396 sport coupe

YY ~ Butternut Yellow
YY ~ Butternut Yellow Malibu sport coupe

Y2 ~ Butternut Yellow, black vinyl top
Y2 ~ Butternut Yellow Malibu sport coupe, black vinyl top

Two-Tone Combinations

CD ~ Ermine White, Nantucket Blue
CD ~ Ermine White/Nantucket Blue 300 Deluxe sedan

DC ~ Nantucket Blue, Ermine White
DC ~ Nantucket Blue/Ermine White Malibu sport coupe ~ Courtesy Gary Arnold

DE ~ Nantucket Blue, Deepwater Blue
DE ~ Nantucket Blue/Deepwater Blue Malibu sedan

ED ~ Deepwater Blue, Nantucket Blue
ED ~ Deepwater Blue/Nantucket Blue Malibu sport coupe

GT ~ Granada Gold, Capri Cream
GT ~ Granada Gold/Capri Cream Malibu sport coupe

LC ~ Tropic Turquoise, Ermine White
LC ~ Tropic Turquoise/Ermine White SS396 sport coupe

ST ~ Sierra Tan, Capri Cream
ST ~ Sierra Tan/Capri Cream Malibu sport coupe

If you have pictures of your favorite 1967 Chevelle you'd like to share, especially one of a color I don't have yet, please contact me here.

Disclaimer: Paint colors depicted on this page may or may not be original. Many factors go into how any color is displayed on the Internet; lighting, age of paint, originality of paint, camera, etc. Colors and their sales names are shown for visual reference only.

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