Chevelle Dealer Number & Zone

Data presented here are an ongoing data collection. I can only attest to the accuracy based on information received and data from build sheets, NCRS reports, etc. I make every effort to verify each entry as accurate and as shown on real documentation. A dealer's information is listed exactly as it appears on documents from the GM plant where possible.

Dealers often changed names and owners but information shown here is directly from build sheets showing the current dealer name at the time or NCRS reports showing the dealer name of record.

See this page to submit any new information.

This area is broken down into several sections due to the amount of data available.

>> This page (and associated links) will result in the Dealer's Name and city sorted by Dealer Number. Dealer Number and Zone Number are listed numerically by Zone Number.

>> This page (and associated links) will show the Dealer's Name and City if you know and input the Zone Number and Dealer Number. Enter Dealer Number and Zone Number to get dealer's name and location.

1970 SS396/SS454 Build Sheet Decoder - 1970 SS396/SS454 Atlanta, Baltimore, and Kansas City assembly plants only.