Order Information For Your Canadian-Built or Sold Chevelle

Disclaimer: Information may have changed over time. Not responsible if contact numbers and/or costs have been changed. If you have current information, please contact me here and I'll make appropriate changes.

Vintage Vehicle Services is able to provide vehicle build info such as regular production options, original engine id numbers, production date, trim and paint codes, production numbers and engineering specifications on all Canadian built or sold Chevelles, Camaros, Corvettes, etc. We are a private company and do not provide this information of behalf of GM but we do it on behalf of car enthusiasts everywhere.

This applies if the plant code in your VIN is the number 1, if it is a letter like B for Baltimore we probably would not have the info. There were some Chevelles imported to Canada from Baltimore and Kansas City (in limited numbers).

In general we have, as available, option content, shipping and/or production date, selling dealer name or code, trim and paint codes, production numbers for that model at our plants, producing plant, engine size and HP and most engine ID stamping codes, MVMA or engineering specifications, and some promo material from the current day.

Data varies according to model year and normal turn around time in fall and winter is 2-3 weeks, in spring and summer it can run 4-5 weeks. If someone is buying a car and needs to know the same day we can fax just the option (RPO) list on the vehicle so they know if it is legitimate or fake, but there is a $5 additional charge to do this, with the rest of the package following in the normal time frame.

If the VIN number has a letter in the middle it is U.S.-built so it is doubtful we would have any info unless it was originally sold in Canada. If the VIN has the number 1 it is usually a Canadian-built car and we should have info on it.  As an example:

  • In 1969 we built 15,356 Chevelles for U.S. sale, and 42,524 full size Chevrolets.
  • In 1970 that jumped to 42,594 Chevelles, down to 11,109 full size Chevrolets and 25,388 Pontiac LeMans models.
  • In 1971 we shipped 18,261 Chevelles south to the U.S., as well as 16,003 Monte Carlos, and 74, 903 full size Chevrolets.
  • In 1972 we shipped 36,879 Chevelles south as well as 17,734 Monte Carlos.

And all this is on top of Canadian sales, which means if the car was sold by GM Canada we would have records on those COPO 427 Chevelles from 1969 that we sold here even though they were Baltimore built, we also have records on Canadian built 442s, Camaros, GTOs, GS455s, you name it.

On current day product we can provide the same info going back 8 years on all new cars, Canadian or U.S. sold or built. This includes 1993 and newer Camaro, Firebird and Corvette models.  Note that on modern products we have no U.S. production numbers.

GM of Canada also built a great many Olds and Pontiac intermediates in the late 60's for U.S. sale, in general a Canadian VIN up to and including 1971 will only have numbers and no letters.  Vintage Vehicle Services can help with those as well.

To Order Your Factory Documentation Package:
Research charges are $118.65 CDN as of March 30, 2015 (U.S. dollars depend on the current exchange rate) payable Visa, MasterCard or certified cheque/money order if from anywhere except Ontario, Canada, in which case the amount is a little higher.  Credit cards can be accepted over the phone.  Call them (in Canada) at 1-905-440-7697 from 8:00am to 4:30pm Eastern, Monday to Friday. Ask for George Zapora or Frank Agueci.

Website is  http://vintagevehicleservices.com.

Update, May 19, 2015
Dale, Vintage Vehicle Services has always been a stand alone company, we provided information for GM Canada customers directly for many years till Jan 1, 2015, when that association stopped and we continued on our own. The new documentation uses Vintage Vehicle Services letterhead and logos as opposed to the previous GM Canada ones. Same great people just a little older!