Fisher Body Style Number

The Fisher Body Style Number does not necessarily correlate with the GM VIN as to whether the car was built with an L6 or V8 engine. In 1970 the only confirmed plants to use the same style number on the Fisher Body Number Plate that matched GM's VIN the Baltimore, Kansas City, Oshawa plants. Whether Arlington, Atlanta, Flint, and Van Nuys plants still used a style number of, for example, 13637 for a Malibu 2-door sport coupe whether that particular car came with an L6 or V8 is unknown at this time.

Chevrolet revamped their series naming somewhat in the U.S.  The 300 Deluxe 133/134xx series now became the Chevelle Standard although the 300 Deluxe remained in Canada.

If you have an image of a 1970 trim tag from Arlington, Atlanta, Flint, or Van Nuys of any style with an odd 3rd digit, please contact me.


Style NumberDesignation
131/13236Nomad 4-door wagon
133/13436Greenbrier 4-door wagon, 2-seat
133/13436Greenbrier 4-door wagon, 2-seat, conventional tailgate
133/13437Chevelle Standard 2-door sport coupe
133/13469Chevelle Standard 4-door sedan
133/13480Chevelle Standard 2-door sedan pickup (El Camino)
135/13636Concours 4-door wagon, 2-seat
135/13637Malibu sport coupe
135/13639Malibu sport sedan
13646Concours 4-door wagon, 3-seat
135/13667Malibu convertible
135/13669Malibu 4-door sedan
135/13680Malibu 2-door sedan pickup (El Camino)
13836Concours Estate 4-door wagon, 2-seat
13846Concours Estate 4-door wagon, 3-seat
13857Monte Carlo coupe