Paint Color Code(s)

The paint code generally consists of either two letters or a letter and a number. The first letter designates the lower body color and the second letter designates the upper body color. In the case of a convertible or a Chevelle with a vinyl top, the second letter is replaced with a number to indicate the color of the top.

Atlanta, Framingham, and Kansas City will have a dash character between the lower and upper body colors such as A-A where Baltimore and Fremont do not. The 'color' listed is the Chevrolet sales name and may vary with the same color for a Canadian Chevelle. Internally Chevrolet used simple names like light blue, dark blue, red, etc.

ATuxedo Black
CErmine White
DNantucket Blue
EDeepwater Blue
FMarina Blue
GGranada Gold (On Kansas City trim tags the letter "G" is a smaller font than other plants)
HMountain Green
KEmerald Turquoise
LTahoe Turquoise
MRoyal Plum
NMadeira Maroon
RBolero Red
SSierra Fawn
TCapri Cream
YButternut Yellow
O-OSpecial paint (Atlanta)
- - Special paint (Fremont)
Two ToneLower / Upper
CDErmine White / Nantucket Blue
DCNantucket Blue / Ermine White
DENantucket Blue / Deepwater Blue
EDDeepwater Blue / Nantucket Blue
GTGranada Gold / Capri Cream
STSierra Fawn / Capri Cream
NumberConvertible Top Color
4Medium Blue
NumberVinyl Top Color
6Light Fawn