Fisher Body Unit Number

The Fisher Body Unit Number is unique to Fisher Body meaning it has nothing to do the car's final VIN and will not match the last six digits of the car's VIN.

Unlike the VIN that increases by 1 for each car regardless of the series or body style the body number appears to be fairly sequential based on the style number. This means that any two Chevelles built one after the other would have consecutive VINs such as 101000 and 101001 but the body numbers would not be consecutive unless they were identical styles (and even then it'd be a rare occurrence due to other issues at play). Another way to explain it is for any given time of the year there is bound to be more of one particular style built than another so the more popular style (to that point in time) would have a higher body number than the lesser popular style. For example a Malibu sport coupe (style 13617) built the first week of January would have a higher body number than a 300 Deluxe 2-door sedan (13411) built in February simply because more Malibu sport coupes were being built than 300 Deluxe 2-door sedans.