A first to market offering by ChevelleStuff.

We design this unique offering to address a problem we see in our hobby today. Way too often we hear stories of those who want to get into this great hobby, buying a low cost “project” car they plan on restoring. Unfortunately, many won’t have the required skills to complete body work and paint themselves and quickly find out just how expensive that process is.

With that in mind, we designed this unique program understanding when all the hard work is done many will have the skill and passion to put their own mark on the build by finishing the project with their own style and finishing touches. The Roller Program offers Chevelle’s that have had all the body panels completely replaced, body work competed and are blocked and in primer ready to paint. Upon color selection, the cars will be painted in base clear/single stage urethane (depending on color).

The following items will also be completed:
• Frame and suspension blasted, repainted, with new fuel and brake lines installed.
• Rear end repainted/restored along with new gears and bearings installed (ratio selected by customer)
• Complete wiring harnesses installed
• Headliner installed
• Dash assembly and dash pad
• All glass installed (date coded upon request)
• All trim/emblems installed
• Front and rear grill/bumper assemblies installed
• All lights and lenses installed

Upon delivery, each vehicle will require the completion the following:
• Gauges
• Carpet
• Door Panels
• Front and rear seats
• Seat Belts
• Motor
• Transmission
• Drive Shaft
• Brakes
• Rims and Tires

ChevelleStuff will gladly quote you on the completion of these items if desired.

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