General FAQ

How much is an annual ChevelleStuff membership and what are the benefits?

Answer – Annual memberships are $49.99 per year and can be paid through PayPal or personal check.

Benefits include:

  • Instant chat functionality to get instant answers on your Chevelle related questions
  • Member only discounts from our host of Trusted Vendors
  • Discounted rates on Knowledge is Power consulting packages
  • Access to how to video’s as we build project Snow White
  • Access to Chuck Hanson’s monthly blog called “From the mind of Chuck”


How do I join ChevelleStuff?

Click on the membership tab at the to of the page and scroll down to the Member Registration section or visit the Become a Member section of the webpage and click on the Register Today button.


Do I have to be a ChevelleStuff member to participate in the consulting packages?

No, however a 10% discount will be offered on all consulting packages to ChevelleStuff members


Who will I be speaking with during my live chat or consulting packages?

ChevelleStuff offers a subject matter expert in each model year from 1964-1972 along with Body and Paint and Electrical experts


Do I have to be a member to sell items in the Chevelle Shop – Verified original parts section?

Yes, you must be a current member of ChevelleStuff to list items for sale on our site


How does the process of selling an item in the Chevelle Shop work?

Seller will provide our team with photo’s and a description of the item(s) so we can verify originality. The CS team will write the description, list pricing, load the images and handle any sales enquiries. Once the item sells, our team will get in contact with you to determine shipping costs (if any) and handle the processing of the transaction. Upon payment from the buyer, we will forward payment to you less a 3% buyers premium and you will be responsible to ensure the item ships.


Video Conference FAQ

What do I need to participate in Google Hangouts video conferences?

All you need is a Gmail email address which is completely free. Once you sign up for your Gmail account you will access to a host of free tools including video conferencing. You can sign up for a free account here


Is there a cost to participate in Google Hangouts video conferences?

No, Google Meet video conferencing is completely free.


What devices can I use for a Google Hangout video conference?

You can participate by Personal Computer, Smart phone or Tablet. You can see the steps for joining with a PC, Android or iPhone & iPad here


Do I need a camera to join a Google Meet video call?

While it would be preferable to see you during our call, no it is not necessary. If you have a built-in camera or web camera, you have the option to turn the camera on or off during the call.


Do I have to call into the video call by PC or mobile device?

No, when you receive the meeting invite via email, along with the video meeting link, you will see a call-in number and PIN. You can call into the video conference with and cell phone or land line. Additional tips when dialing into a call can be found here.