Meet Our Trusted Advisors

ChevelleStuff has assembled some of the most knowledgeable minds in the Chevelle hobby to form our team of Trusted Advisors. No matter what year, no matter how complicated the question, we will strive to get you the most accurate answer in the shortest amount of time.

Chuck Frame
Principal Advisor

Chuck was born in Vancouver BC but moved to Toronto Canada at the age of 3.

Growing up with a passion for muscle cars, Chuck remembers his father telling him when he was 6-7 years old, “If you knew half as much about school as you did cars you would be scholar”.

Fast forward to his early teens where he happened to come across a 1967 Beaumont sitting in an apartment building parking lot and from that moment he was hooked. Chuck purchased his first numbers matching, black on black, 4 speed,1967 Chevelle SS in 1999 and has been a Chevelle guy ever since. With a keen eye for attention to detail, Chuck’s prides himself with his cars looking just as they did the day they left the assembly line. This passion led him to purchase in March of 2018 and incorporating ChevelleStuff Enterprises the same month. Chuck will be putting his 23 year career in High Tech management to work as he develops new offerings and strategies for

He currently owns a Danube Blue 1966 Chevelle SS that has recently earned MCACN Concours Gold Certification (2017), MCC Silver (2017) and MCC Gold (2018) along with an Oshawa built, LeMans Blue, Parchment Interior 1969 L34 Chevelle SS and a 38K original mile Cranberry Red, Black Vinyl top 1970 Chevelle SS LS6 with M22 transmission and 4.10 Posi rear end.

Tory DiBlasi
Trusted Advisor - 1964 Model Year

The ChevelleStuff team wouldn’t be complete without at least one true blue New Yorker! Tory, who is not surprisingly a New York Yankee’s fan, was born in Queens and now resides in Oakdale Long Island with his wife of 24 years and their 4 children.

He also is a retired New York fire fighter, who was a first responder on 09/11/2001. Tory arrived on scene to assist in the rescue and recovery for the South Tower and was on scene when building 7 collapsed.

His fascination with muscle cars started a very young age when he started wrenching on his fathers ’68 Camaro but his true passion has always been ’64 Chevelle’s. At 14 he started accumulating 1964 Chevelle parts but didn’t end up owning his first ’64 until 1997!

When Tory isn’t busy Co-Hosting a pod cast called “Playing N Traffic” with Lou Santiago on Thursday nights you will find him wrenching on collection of cars that include an original 36,000 mile, Palomar Red, 1964 Chevelle Malibu SS, Regal Red 1966 Chevelle SS survivor with 76K miles, his fathers ’68 Camaro and a 1955 Chevy Nomad!

Rich Cummings
Trusted Advisor - 1965 Model Year

As a lifelong Nebraska resident, it’s no big surprise that Rich is also a huge supporter of Nebraska Cornhuskers football… Go big Red! A long term project manager in the IT industry, Rich has been an avid participant in the Chevelle hobby since 1979 and a long severing moderator on Team Chevelle. When he isn’t working on his Chevelle’s you will most likely find him working on various Neon Signs or tending to / playing his collection of vintage console video games.

Rich currently owns two Chevelle’s that include an award winning 1965 L79 Malibu SS, a 1965, 2 door Malibu wagon along with a 1964 GTO that he maintains for a family member but drives regularly! 

Terry Davis
Trusted Advisor - 1966 Model Year & Paint and Body Consulting

You probably don’t have much of a chance to be anything other than a car guy when your dad brings you home from the hospital as a new born in his 1969 Chevelle SS! Terry is a lifelong resident of Wytheville, VA where he owns and operates Terry Davis Restorations a shop widely known from producing top notch, concours restorations that include a very rare 1967 L78 El Camino owned by very well know collector Jeff Helms.

When he isn’t at the shop he enjoys spending quality time with his wife Amy and kicking back with a good book. Terry was a drag racer for many years and campaigned a beautiful 1966 Chevelle SS in the top eliminator class. That car was a covered as the feature article in the August 2012 edition of Chevy High Performance magazine.

Terry currently owns two 1966 Chevelle SS cars that have both achieved MCACN Concours Gold (2015), MCACN Invitational Gold (2016), AACA 1st Junior (2016) along with AACA 1st Senior (2017). He also recently completed an amazing LS3 power 1966 Chevelle Malibu wagon that took Peoples choice at the 2018 Northern Ohio Chevelle Club show.

Dale McIntosh
Lead Advisor, Trusted Advisor - 1967 Model Year

For anyone who has spent any amount of time as a Chevelle enthusiast, Dale probably doesn’t need much introduction. He purchased his first Chevelle new in 1967 and has been fascinated with them ever since. While collecting all kinds of data on these great cars in the late 90’s he decided he would start a web page to store all his findings rather than writing them down in a book… that web site became Dale is also an accomplished author of three Chevelle books that include Chevelle Data and ID Guide, The Definitive Chevelle SS Guide 1964-1972, and Chevelle Restoration and Authenticity Guide and is currently collaborating with Rick Nelson of Musclecar Restorations & Design Inc. on a 4th book due out in February 2019.

When not writing books, Dale is an avid sports fan who follows the KC Chiefs and KC Royals quite closely being a Kansas City native. He currently is retired from a career as an IT specialist for the Department of Defense who also served in the US military for 12 years.

Bill Lessenberry
Trusted Advisor - 1968 Model Year

Bill is another one of our Trusted advisors who has great roots being born, raised and still residing in Little Rock, Arkansas. We tease Bill that he took the most unusual route to becoming a Chevelle Guy as the owner /operator of Bills Import Service where he repaired and serviced Datsun, Peugeot, Saab and Volvo automobiles for 34 years. Bill caught the Chevelle bug about 15 years ago and has totally restored 5 Chevelle’s including his amazing Seafrost Green 1968 Chevelle SS that has won a number of top threes at Chevelle-a-bration and ACES regional shows. When Bill isn’t doing something car related he enjoys gardening and sleeping!

Dan Vasic
Trusted Advisor - 1969 Model Year

When you think of 1969 Chevelle’s you probably think of Dan Vasic.

Dan has been in the Chevelle hobby since 1978 when he purchased his very first car, a 1972 Chevelle and he still owns that very special car today. Known for his in-depth knowledge of GM A- Body cars he has a specific passion for 1969 Chevelle’s. To date, Dan has completed over seventy (70) high quality restorations that include some of the finest, highly sought after, Buick’s, Chevelle’s and Oldsmobile’s in the country.

Dan currently performs restoration work for 6 private car collectors in addition to working full time maintaining three high profile car collections in the Chicago area. A true Chicago Cubs fan, when Dan isn’t restoring Chevelle’s he very involved with his wife Melissa supporting their 12-year-old daughter who is a budding equestrian with her horse Nando.

Tom Rightler
Trusted Advisor - 1970, 1971 & 1972 Model Years & Paint and Body Consulting

Tom is born and raised in Franklinville, NJ and is known to be a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan who is still trying to get over the 1993 World Series loss to the Toronto Blue Jays!

All kidding aside, Tom is s very well-respected restoration specialist in the Chevelle community with numerous high-quality restoration projects under his belt. He also just opened and operates a restoration business in (town) NJ called Mid-Atlantic Muscle Cars Inc. While Tom will tell you, he is a true blue 1970 Chevelle guy but that hasn’t prevented him from owning every other year Chevelle except for a ’65. His 1970 Chevelle convertible has earned AACA Senior Grand National (2016) MCACN Gold (2014) and MCC Platinum (2012).

In his spare time Tom enjoys travelling when he is not busy with his duties as the VP, Newsletter Editor, and Chevelle Show coordinator of the Maryland Chevelle Club.

Joe Hubka
Trusted Advisor - Electrical

Joe continues our “Born and Raised” theme here at ChevelleStuff as a life long resident of Lincoln, Nebraska. What is his favorite sports team you ask? Of course, it’s the Nebraska Corn Huskers… who else could it be?

Joe is another 1970 Chevelle guy who currently owns the 1970 Chevelle Malibu Sports Coupe his father bought brand new. When not working on his Chevelle Joe is employed as a Electronics Technician at an electronics engineering, design and manufacturing firm. He is also avid hobbyist who enjoys restoring everything from vintage appliances to antique radios and telephones. Joe has literally worked on a range of different equipment from the present to nearly 100 years ago. He is also a specialist when it comes to Chevelle wiring and has personally helped many of our Trusted advisors through many a wiring gremlin.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys teaching and training others--anything from the simple to the complex. He is also Certified IPC Trainer (Association Connecting Electronics Industries).

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