Knowledge is Power Consulting Packages

Addressing the need for accurate information, ChevelleStuff has assembled a team of highly respected, knowledgeable advisors to answer your questions. To build relationships with our clients, ChevelleStuff has implemented an extremely easy to use video conference platform provided by Google Hangouts for all our meeting sessions. Available as a free service on PC, smart phones and tablets, Hangouts provides and easy to use video conferencing platform that gives you that one on one meeting experience. Should video conferencing not be your thing, the meeting invitation will also include a call-in number for those who wish to participate by cell phone or landline.

Learn more about our memberships, member discounts, live chat and our unique consulting segments with a free 30-minute consultation. We will walk you through all aspects of our offering and answer any questions you may have.

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Already have a Chevelle and need some answers to specific questions or maybe you are looking to get buy your first Chevelle? Go one on one with any of our year specific Trusted Advisors knowing you will be talking to an expert that will give you the correct answers to your questions the first time. Our general packages will cover any year related questions you may have.

30 Minutes - $99.00
1 Hour - $199.00

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Think you have found the car you’ve been searching for?
Not sure it is what they say it is?
Protect your investment by taking advantage of this three-hour package (two 1.5-hour sessions) that will focus on various aspects of the buying process.
Empowering you to accurately inspect the car yourself, we will spend the first session getting to know you, what type of car you are looking for and your goals for this car. We will discuss the best and the worst of any given model year along with arming you with a detailed inspection sheet where we will instruct you on what to look for and where to find it. The second session will be used to evaluate all the data points and pictures that you have uploaded to our Google Drive. We will access the originality of the car, what it may need to be brought up to standard, what it may cost to improve along with a value range that will help you make and informed buying decision.
Not planning on visiting the car in person? Although not preferable, we can also help you through this process by evaluating pictures and or videos provided by the seller.

3 hours - $599.00

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There comes a time during any body and paint restoration project when you ask yourself ‘How do I do that”?

Our body and paint sessions are designed to answer those very questions.

Potential topics could include:
  • • Body and Paint
  • • Best practices
  • • Media Blasting
  • • Panel repair vs replace – What can be saved?
  • • Materials – Good vs the bad
  • • Material Suppliers
  • • Assembly – Panel Fitment

30 Minutes - $99.00
1 Hour - $199.00

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Electrical gremlins in 50-year-old cars can strike fear into the best car guys. We have all been frustrated with electrical problems at one time or another and now there is a place to ask all those tough ‘How to” questions.

Potential topics could include:
  • • Reading/Understanding Schematics
  • • Wiring test procedures
  • • Required tools
  • • Troubleshooting bad circuit grounds
  • • Wiring best practices

30 Minutes - $99.00
1 Hour - $199.00

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Become a Member

Membership should have its privileges.


At ChevelleStuff we get that and have created a membership plan that delivers incredible value and a low yearly cost of $49.99 per year.

As a paid yearly ChevelleStuff member you will be benefit from the following outstanding features:


  • Access to our integrated instant chat functionality to answers any of your 1964-72 Chevelle related questions by our team of ChevelleStuff experts.
  • Access to focussed consulting packages that cover a wide range of topics relating to 1964 – 72 Chevelle’s
  • 10% discount on consulting rates
  • On site car inspections services through our network of regional specialists.
  • Member only discounts from our wide range of “trusted vendors”
  • Access to ‘how to videos” that will cover numerous topics as we build our ChevelleStuff project cars.
  • Monthly blog from the Mind of Chuck Hanson


Meet Our Team

ChevelleStuff has assembled some of the most knowledgeable minds in the Chevelle hobby to form our team of Trusted Advisors. No matter what year, no matter how complicated the question, we will strive to get you the most accurate answer in the shortest amount of time.

Chuck Frame
Principal Advisor

Chuck was born in Vancouver BC but moved to Toronto Canada at the age of 3.

Growing up with a passion for muscle cars, Chuck remembers his father telling him when he was 6-7 years old, “If you knew half as much about school as you did cars you would be scholar”.

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Tory DiBlasi
Trusted Advisor - 1964 Model Year

The ChevelleStuff team wouldn’t be complete without at least one true blue New Yorker! Tory, who is not surprisingly a New York Yankee’s fan, was born in Queens and now resides in Oakdale Long Island with his wife of 24 years and their 4 children.

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Rich Cummings
Trusted Advisor - 1965 Model Year

A long term project manager in the IT industry, Rich has been an avid participant in the Chevelle hobby since 1979 and a long severing moderator on Team Chevelle. 

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Terry Davis
Trusted Advisor - 1966 Model Year & Paint and Body Consulting

You probably don’t have much of a chance to be anything other than a car guy when your dad brings you home from the hospital as a new born in his 1969 Chevelle SS!

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Dale McIntosh
Lead Advisor, Trusted Advisor - 1967 Model Year

For anyone who has spent any amount of time as a Chevelle enthusiast, Dale probably doesn’t need much introduction. He purchased his first Chevelle new in 1967 and has been fascinated with them ever since.

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Bill Lessenberry
Trusted Advisor - 1968 Model Year

Bill is another one of our Trusted Advisors who has great roots being born, raised and still residing in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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Dan Vasic
Trusted Advisor - 1969 Model Year

When you think of 1969 Chevelle’s you probably think of Dan Vasic. 

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Tom Rightler
Trusted Advisor - 1970, 1971 & 1972 Model Years & Paint and Body Consulting

Tom is born and raised in Franklinville, NJ and is known to be a diehard Philadelphia Phillies fan who is still trying to get over the 1993 World Series loss to the Toronto Blue Jays!

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Joe Hubka
Trusted Advisor - Electrical

Joe continues our “Born and Raised” theme here at ChevelleStuff as a life long resident of Lincoln, Nebraska. What is his favorite sports team you ask? Of course, it’s the Nebraska Corn Huskers… who else could it be?

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Snow White Project

As ChevelleStuff launches its Restored Roller Program, we felt it was important to showcase the talents of both lead builders, Terry Davis and Tom Rightler. Our “Snow White” project was split into two segments where Terry is responsible for the restoration of the body, paint and interior and Tom has the frame restoration and modifications that includes the installation of our UMI Stage 2 suspension, Chevrolet Performance Cammed LS3 engine, Silver Sport Transmission A41 Perfect Fit overdrive transmission, Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes and GM 12 bolt rear end.

Once completed in April, Snow White will be making the rounds in 2019 participating in the Hot Rod Power Tour, Syracuse Nationals and LS fest to name a few.

Click on the images below to view our progress of this amazing build.


Trusted Vendors

When it come to making an informed buying decision for your Chevelle, we are here to help. We realize there is much more to the buying decision than just the price of any given item. At ChevelleStuff, we have evaluated our Trusted Vendors on many levels that include product quality, availability, functionality, price and the all-important factor… customer service.
These are vendors we believe in and are proud to recommend them to you as vendors that you can trust.

American Autowire

A premier automotive electrical manufacturer, American Autowire produces a wide selection of wiring harnesses, accessories, kits, and components that any true Chevelle restorer can appreciate.

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Django Studios

Django Studios designed all the custom badging for our project Snow White and was founded by Chevelle nut Chad Hill in 2012 to focusing on client projects in the automotive aftermarket and aviation fields.

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The Dye Guy

Widely know in the Chevelle hobby as the go to guy for any repairs to vinyl or leather interiors.

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Gardner Exhaust Systems

A premier reproduction exhaust company, with an objective to make exact copies of the OEM exhaust systems and provide them at a reasonable price.

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Hugger Covers

Specializing in custom made to fit “Hugger” covers are hand cut and sewn to follow the true contour shape of your vehicle.

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National Parts Depot

Having our roots in the restoration hobby, NPD is well aware of what it takes to build not just a show winner… but also a vehicle that functions properly and provides years of enjoyment.

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Silver Sport Transmission

The industry leader in the research and development of kits to modernize the drivetrain of classic cars, trucks and street rods.

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UMI Performance

UMI Performance a leader in the manufacturing of ultra high-quality suspension for your car since 2004.

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