1969 Chevelle Interior - Paint Colors

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Disclaimer: Components painted the two gloss percentages taken from Ditzler paint catalog.

Color Name 0
Ditzler Rinshed-Mason DuPont
Flat Black X 9317 168C41 4428L
Dark Blue X 13767 169V22 9578LH
Dark Turquoise X 13768 169V32 9579LH
Dark Saddle X 22974 168B82 9458L
Dark Gold X 23153 168B77 9583L
Midnight Green X 43993 169V36 9582LH
Dark Green X 43994 169V34 9581LH
Dark Red X 71643 167C53R 9580LM

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following convertible parts are painted in 0% gloss in black, Ditzler Code #DIA-9266 regardless of material color:
Folding top front and side roof rail assembly; folding top side roof rail lock assembly; folding top front center and rear bow assembly; folding roof rail linkage.

Color Name 30
Ditzler Rinshed-Mason DuPont
Black X 9266 A-946 88
Dark Blue X 13789 169B29 9586LH
Dark Turquoise X 13792 169V20 9588LH
Medium Blue X 13786 169V21 9585LH
Medium Turquoise X 13787 169V23 9587LH
Medium Saddle X 22968 168B85 9475L
Dark Saddle X 22994 168B81 9488L
Medium Gold X 23160 169C75 9549L
Dark Gold X 23161 169C76 9590L
Midnight Green X 44010 169V35 9593LH
Dark Green X 44013 169V31 9592LH
Medium Green X 44008 169B32 9591L
Dark Red X 71750 166C56R 9429LM
Red X 71591 168C51R 9528LH

According to paint chart page from Ditzler, the following are painted in 30% gloss:
Lower instrument panel; a/c kick panel cover; ash tray face plate; glove box door and hinge; stereo speaker and auxiliary speaker grille; instrument panel trim plate; glove box garnish moldings; seat separator compartment; instrument panel compartment door and hinge; stop arm and nose cover; inner panel of door and quarter panel; side rear roof rail; upper corner & lower center back window pin lace escutcheon; folding seat back pin molding and escutcheon; rear seat folding back panel extension; rear seat back support assembly; folding seat mounting support and linkage assembly; side air outlet control bushing shroud; rear window defogger grille assembly; inner door window frames; central pillar upper cover; front seat back from outer bar; rear seat folding back panel assembly; compartment front foundation retainer; front seat bottom frame; hinge pin inner support; front seat arm rest; lower trim cover; windshield upper garnish molding.