Window Sticker Paint Code Numbers Wanted

I'm looking to complete some paint code numbers for any 1964-1972 Chevelle you may have information on. I'm not referring to the typical letters or numbers found on Fisher Body plates or even build sheets but rather the numbers/letters found on the window sticker and possibly other documents.

For example, a 1970 Chevelle Cortez Silver paint is coded as paint code number 14 on the Fisher Body plate as well as the build sheet, but is coded as 931 on the window sticker such as...
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If you have access to these factory numbers either through a window sticker or some other form of document, I'd appreciate you dropping me a line via my contact page and sharing the information with other Chevelle owners via ChevelleStuff.Net.

Simply take a look at the paint codes page I have and see if the information you have is missing from ChevelleStuff.Net. If I have the number already, it'll be in parentheses such as (931) on the sample paint color.

Naturally if there is any additional information you'd care to donate to, any and all information donations are welcomed!