VIN and Trim Tag Information

Not all plants of both years have a completed form yet but if you have the data being requested and wish to send it along, please feel free to do so.

I'm looking to build my database of 1966 & 1967 Chevelle VINs and trim tag information. This is being collected for research purposes only and no names or owners is required nor are any names or owners requested. It is hoped that with enough information gathered some projections can be made as to popular paint colors, interior trim codes, and maybe even options (where applicable) can be gathered.

Data are being compiled to try and gain a sense of quantities of paint colors sold, interiors sold, etc. and collect anomalies of plant production.

There is a form for each of the plants for each of the two years with an example trim tag showing what information is asked for.

Bad data is worse than no data at all because bad data will skew any results.  Please be careful to enter data in the correct box and in the same format as it is shown on the trim tag; some plants use a dash character ( - ) between paint colors some do not, some use the same dash character in the trim code sequence and some do not.


[ Atlanta ] | [ Baltimore ] | [ Framingham ] | [ Fremont ] | [ Flint ] | [ Kansas City ] | [ Oshawa ]


[ Atlanta ] | [ Baltimore ] | [ Framingham ] | [ Fremont ] | [ Kansas City ] | [ Oshawa ]