1966 Fremont, CA. Data Request

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I am collecting data on 1966 & 1967 Chevelles VIN numbers and trim tag information; all for a personal database and not for publication. Your help with this information would be appreciated. No personal information is required or requested. Data are being compiled to try and gain a sense of quantities of paint colors sold, interiors sold, etc. and collect anomalies of plant production.

What is requested is the VIN (such as 138176Z123456) found on the driver side A-pillar and data on the trim tag located on the firewall.  Any readable photos would be best as info on the trim tag can vary from plant to plant.  Two sample 1966 Fremont trim tags are shown with requested information listed. Note the early (until 01A) tags tend to have a 3-letter paint code where later tags only have two.

1966 trim tag location

1966 Fremont trim tag - early
Early tag

1966 Fremont trim tag - late
Late tag

Line 1: Body date - 11A and 06A in these examples
Line 2: Fisher Body style number - 13335 and 13817 in these examples
Line 2: Fisher Body unit number - 10 and 08141 in these examples
Line 3: Interior trim code - 707 and 763 in these examples
Line 3: Exterior paint code - LL L and MM in these examples
Line 4: If the car has a vinyl top the code C08 is often listed here; please include if applicable.
Line 4: Five or six digit number - 8008 and 080651 in these examples
Misc: Fremont trim tags generally have another hand-stamped number somewhere on the tag. In the example these numbers are "12 and 11" and are located in the upper-right corner but could also be in the center of the tag. The number and its location is requested.

Any photos can be emailed to me at
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VIN from door pillar (such as 138176Z123456)
Body Date (such as 11A or 06A in the examples)
Body Style Number (such as 13335 or 13817 in the examples)
Body Unit Number (such as 10 or 08141 in the examples)
Interior Trim Code (such as 707 or 763 in the examples)
Exterior Paint Code (such as MM or LL L in the examples)
Vinyl Top Code (if applicable) - Line 4 (such as C08 if applicable)
Misc. Numbers - Line 4 (such as 8008 or 080651 in the examples)
Hand Stamped Number (such as 11 or 22 in the examples)
Numbers Location (top right, bottom right, etc.)
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