Fisher Body Assembly Date

The date is coded as a 1- or 2-digit month and a single letter week. Some plants would pad a single digit month with a leading zero (0), some did not.

Number Month Number Month
01 January 07 July
02 February 08 August
03 March 09 September
04 April 10 October
05 May 11 November
06 June 12 December

Week Letter A through E

The week letter typically ranges from A to D and an occasional week letter E has been found. The letter "A" is the first week, the letter "B" is the second week, etc. However, there is not a direct correlation between a week letter and specific days or a physical week of any given month and each plant seemed to have their own standard operating procedures explaining why some plants for a given month may have the letter "E" for a fifth week when other plants do not for that month.