Special Paint

Some plants used a DuPont mixing formula to indicate special paint. Literally any color available from any auto manufacturer could be special ordered, be it a sister GM division, Ford, MoPar, etal. Listed are just some of the codes and colors I've run across. For more information visit this page. If the code begins with "926" it indicates a non-metallic color where "927" is a metallic color. As more are discovered, they'll be listed here.

DuPont CodeKnown Color Non-Metallic (common name)
926-98371Light Blue (Carolina Blue) (1969, 1971 & 1972)
926-96881Light Blue (Carolina Blue (1970)
926-99539Orange (Similar to Pontiac Carousel Red)
926-99568Chevrolet code 76 - 1969 Daytona Yellow
926-99616Chevrolet code 72 - 1969 Hugger / Monaco Orange
DuPont CodeKnown Color Metallic (common name)
927-98457Tricentenial Gold
927-99593Chevrolet code 71 - 1969 LeMans Blue
927-99846Chevrolet code 43 - 1970 Canada Citrus Green
927-AF017Mulsanne Blue

Here is a 1969 paint chart showing the DuPont number under Production Code so if someone wanted a 1970-1972 in a 1969 color, the Production Code should be on the 1970-1972 trim tag.  I wish I had access to the same information for other years but this is all I have.