Interior Trim Codes

* The interior trim color code is a 3-digit number. Those not checked under Bucket are bench seat styling.
* There may be additional interior codes for Oshawa-built Chevelles as I have no source to reference.

750Black Pattern Coated Fabric 
751Black Ransom Cloth, Coated Fabric 
752Black Pattern Coated Fabric 
753Black Rior Cloth, Coated Fabric 
754Black Richmond Cloth, Coated Fabric (Concours only) 
755Black Coated Fabric 
756Black Coated Fabricx
759Metallic Medium Blue Pattern Coated Fabric 
760Medium Blue Ransom Cloth, Coated Fabric 
761Metallic Medium Blue Pattern Coated Fabric, Metallic Dark Blue Coated Fabric 
762Dark Blue Rior Richmond Cloth 
763Dark Blue Richmond Cloth, Medium Dark Blue Coated Fabric
764Metallic Dark Blue Coated Fabric
765Metallic Dark Blue Coated Fabricx
770Antique Medium Saddle Coated Fabric
771Antique Medium Saddle Coated Fabric (El Camino only)x
772Medium Saddle Pattern Coated Fabric, Antique Medium Saddle Coated Fabric
773Medium Saddle Pattern Coated Fabric, Antique Medium Saddle Coated Fabric
779Medium Turquoise Rior Cloth, Metallic Medium Turquoise Coated Fabric 
782Midnight Green Rior Cloth, Aff. Midnight Green Coated Fabric
783Medium Green Rior Cloth, Metallic Medium Green Coated Fabric 
784Metallic Medium Green Coated Fabric 
785Metallic Medium Green Coated Fabricx
786Medium Green Ransom Cloth, Coated Fabric 
787Medium Red Coated Fabric 
788Medium Red Coated Fabricx
790Aff. Parchment Coated Fabric 
791Aff. Parchment Coated Fabricx
794Midnight Green Richmond Cloth, Aff. Midnight Green Coated Fabric
795Aff. Midnight Green Coated Fabric
796Aff. Midnight Green Coated Fabricx