Accessory ~ Fremont & Oshawa

Similar to group option codes on other 1965 plants but Fremont & Oshawa used the Regular Production Option (RPO) code. Canada also lists the convertible top code here if applicable. I've seen formats like TOP-2, TP-2, T-02, etc. for a black convertible top or TOP10 for a white convertible top.

Common RPO codes found include:
A49 - Front seat belt with retractor (Fremont)
B70 - Instrument Panel Pad (Fremont & Oshawa)
C08 - Vinyl top (Fremont) but top color is not specified
C06 - Folding Electric Top (Oshawa)
M20 - 4-speed transmission (Oshawa)
M35 - Powerglide transmission  (Oshawa)

 Baltimore (from Euclid plant only) & Kansas City

Codes are listed by group and in alphabetical order within the group.

If you know of any codes not listed here, please email me with details - (1) year, (2) body date, (3) plant, (4) group number, (5) letter code, (6) option if known, and a photo of the tag would be appreciated.

Group 1 - No number precedes Group 1
D ~ Power convertible top [RPO C06]E ~ Tinted glass (all) [RPO A01]
F ~ Power bench seat [RPO A41]G ~ Power tailgate [RPO A33]
O ~ Two-tone paint [RPO 950]T ~ Power bucket seat [RPO A46]
W ~ Tinted windshield (only) [RPO A02]X ~ Power windows [RPO A31]
Group 2 - preceded by the number "2"
K ~ Air conditioning [RPO C60]L ~ 4-speed transmission [RPO M20]
M ~ Powerglide transmission [RPO M35]N ~ AM/FM Stereo multiplex [RPO U79]
P ~ Comfort & Convenience group [RPO Z01/Z13] *R ~ Rear speaker [RPO U80]
S ~ Rear antenna [RPO U73]Y ~ Unknown - found on tags from Kansas City
Group 3
B ~ Rear window defogger [RPO C50]C ~ Instrument panel pad [RPO B70]
Group 4
F ~ Comfort & Convenience group [RPO Z01/Z13] *M ~ Body modifications [RPO Z16]
P ~ Unknown - found on tags from Euclid, Kansas City, and FraminghamU ~ Spare wheel lock [RPO P19] (reported but not verified by any examples)
Group 5
O ~ Suspect seat belt delete [RPO A62]W ~ Custom deluxe seat belts with retractors [RPO A49]

* RPO Z01 is Type A (Malibu/Malibu SS) and Z13 is Type B (300) with difference being the remote mirror is included with Type A.  (It's not uncommon to see both Type A and Type B shown on trim tags with Type A.)

*** The letter "L" isn't known on Atlanta. It is believed this letter "L" is not in group 5 as it has been found on several tags with no group 5 designation.