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June 8, 2016
I am offering the domain name '' and website '' and all its files, code and all future advertising revenue for sale.

Currently the website is being maintained with Microsoft's Expression Web 4 but any new owners would certainly be able to use whatever website development tools at their disposal for future updates and maintenance.

The domain name '' is paid for until June 15, 2024.  All code, images, etc. are a package deal and ownership will be transferred upon completion of sale.

All the items I advertise via links to my other websites such as various CDs, show magnets, etc. (via and various registries (via are negotiable to continue to be advertised on or removed completely. Those websites and domains are NOT part of this sale, I will retain the rights to them. Only the advertising of those sites on is negotiable.

 After 14 years of building and maintaining the website along with its reputation and integrity to the Chevelle community, it's time to step aside and let a new generation take the reins.  Contact me at for details or take a look at this .PDF file.