The infamous "L" character on 1969 - 1972 Kansas City Chevelles

March 14, 2013

A lot of discussions on the meaning of certain letters on Chevelle trim tags over the years but none seem to raise as much discussion as the "L" on the third line of Kansas City-built 1969 through 1972 Chevelles. I've done some research on the subject, even writing to the General Motors Heritage Center for some guidance but they have no information on the subject and could neither confirm or deny the status of these letters.

So, does the "L" really prove the car was ordered with the SS option (or one of the two SS options in 1970)? Many believe it does. I tend to think it may be true since there is overwhelming evidence that almost every known SS optioned Chevelle from KC from 1969-1972 has this letter on the trim tag. There are a couple of exceptions that have been reported, as well as at least one 1969 Chevelle that's known NOT to be an SS optioned car that does have this letter. Whether these anomalies are mistakes or not is certainly open to debate as well. After all, a human stamped the trim tags and humans make errors.

But, more to the point, does the presence of the letter "L" prove the Chevelle is an SS optioned Chevelle...prove being the key element here. In my opinion, no, it does not prove anything. With no documentation to back up the theory, it can only be a theory. A good one, granted, but still a theory.