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1964 through 1972 Chevelle paint codes, interior trim codes, engine suffix codes, model production numbers, options, plant production numbers, rear axle differential codes, transmission codes, trim tag decoding, Warranty card (Protect-O-Plate) decoding, VIN decoding, gallery photos, and much, much more!

News update: May 10, 2017
Thank you to all that visit here and, hopefully, find it useful. This site has grown to over 1600 physical web pages and almost 9000 images. In the coming days I will be moving the Misc. Decode, Tech, and Tools pages and images to a separate address. The links to and from these sections will be changed so it'll be seamless to you, the visitor. But, if you have any of the pages under the Misc, Decode, Tech, or Tools pages' sections bookmarked you will need to bookmark them again. This has already been done with the Chevelle of the Month and Zone & Dealer Numbers sections. This will result in a little over 500 physical pages and almost 1,000 images; not much in the overall scheme but it will help some in maintenance.

For example, the current landing page when you click the Decode link, currently you are taken to http://chevellestuff.net/qd/index.htm. After the conversion this same Decode link will take you to http://macswebs.com/qdtech/qd/index.htm.  Selecting any year link, Chevelle of the Month link, etc. from the new address will return you to the base ChevelleStuff.net address.

Thank you for your continued support. If you do find any broken links during the process, be sure to let me know (1) what page you were coming from and (2) what page you were trying to go to (check your browser's address block) to help me find the link in error.

Mission Statement: Striving to offer the most comprehensive decoding & information site on the classic 1964 to 1972 Chevelles to include all series and body styles. If you have information to offer, contact me so we can share that information with other Chevelle owners.

Select any year link for information on that year. Data supplied are for U.S.-built Chevelles unless otherwise noted.

Part numbers and casting numbers are NOT the same thing. Many part numbers and casting numbers of parts were used on several lines within the Chevrolet family so information found on this website may, MAY, pertain to other Chevrolet models such as Camaro, Nova, Corvette, and even full size models like Impala, Caprice, Biscayne, etc. but no claims of such are made.

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October 2, 2011 - New section dedicated to technical articles with more in-depth information than typically presented here on ChevelleStuff. Kicking off this section is detailed information about Fisher Body Number Plates (a.k.a., trim tag, cowl tag, firewall tag, etc.)

Site Contributors list ~ My personal thank you to all that have contributed photos, articles, and other information to ChevelleStuff.net. This would be a much less informative site without your generous contributions!

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* October 25, 2009 - Cache of dealer documents
* January 2012 - Another cache of dealer documents (updated 01/01/2016)

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Fisher Body Number Plates (a.k.a. cowl tag/firewall tag/trim tag) are listed as trim tags for consistency since that is the term most commonly used.

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If you find any information that is incorrect or incomplete and have documented proof of a correction needed (such as an engine or option code for a particular year), I'll be more than happy to update the site. Please contact me here.

I am always on the lookout for clear photos of Fisher Body Number Plates, scans or photos of Protect-O-Plates, build sheets, etc. for decoding and reference purposes only. If you have any of these and would like to share them with the Chevelle community, please contact me here me first without the attachments so I'll know what's coming.

How GM Built These Cars - From Start to Finish! ~ Camaros.Org

Mission:  Find one black/black 1967 Chevelle SS with VIN 138177K189797
If you know the whereabouts of this car please contact me!

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